Vegan Recipes: 5 Easy, Decadent Vegan Desserts

Vegan lifestyles and recipes are the newest, coolest thing–with everyone from Oprah to Martha Stewart to Kelly Freston jumping on board. Adopting a diet with no meat, dairy, or eggs isn’t for everyone, but many people are looking at veganism as something they do sometimes as a choice for their health and the environment.

Take it from someone who spent several years as a vegan, it can be very easy to rely too much on heavily processed food and soy products, which are terrible for you. So if you’re thinking of becoming vegan yourself–full-time or part-time–you should know that you can still cook delicious, satisfying recipes yourself–even desserts. Here are five excellent vegan dessert recipes you can make at home:

Coconut sorbet
This easy sorbet is super creamy and rich, and makes for a terrific vegan dessert.

Chocolate sorbet
My guests didn’t believe it, but this super chocolaty, rich sorbet is totally vegan.

Chocolate cake
This is everything you want in a cake–light, airy, moist, and full of chocolate flavor.

Classic black and white cupcakes
Kathy’s classic cupcakes have rich, decadent cake, and fluffy delicious frosting.

Chocolate pudding with peanut butter caramel sauce
Kathy also has a recipe for a creamy, satisfying pudding. Have dessert and get a little extra energy too!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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