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The new Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills has been hyped up for a few weeks now. More details in Average Betty’s video post here. But would the crazy-cool idea for an ATM that dispences freshly baked cupcakes actually be successful? Would the cupcakes be tasty and moist? How many flavors would there be to choose from? Well after my visit to the ATM this weekend to pick up a few vegan red velvet cupcakes with my husband – I can give you my review of the experience..

  • Sprinkles Box 1 of 6
    Sprinkles packs their cupcakes in Eco-friendly cardboard boxes. From Sprinkles: "Our bakery boxes, plates, napkins, shopping bags and giftboxes are made from recycled materials."
  • Vegan 2 of 6
    This vegan Red Velvet flavor has deep red cake and fluffy coconut accented frosting.
  • Red Velvet 3 of 6
    Yes, even that little "V" for vegan on top is made using certified vegan food coloring.
  • Sprinkles 90210 4 of 6
    The Beverly Hills Sprinkles Bakery is right next door to the ATM. And they have an ice cream shop opening soon!
  • ATM 5 of 6
    My cell-photo pose at the brand new Sprinkles cupcake 24-hour ATM.
  • Yum 6 of 6
    My taste test proved these to be super yummy cupcakes! Moist, decadent and perfectly sweet - and from an ATM! I'll be back!

My First Cupcake-Run at the 24-hour ATM. We were leaving Saturday brunch at Le Pain Quotidien across the street from Sprinkles and noticed a duo of long lines. One line was the usual long line for Sprinkles Bakery and one for the ATM. It was finally open! The line whipped up the block – a flurry of LA folks all huddled together in their spring coats on an unusually brisk and breezy day.

It was hilarious how seemingly every person who made it to the front of the line to oder ATM cupcakes had to take a cell phone photo of themselves posing with cupcakes in hand. ATM in the background. Including me.

How it works. You step up to the machine and scroll through a touchscreen list of flavors. Many to choose from. A gluten free option. And a vegan one as well. The vegan red velvet.

After swiping our credit card a fun little musical graphic appears on the screen and one at a time those cupcakes pop out in a roll-around slot – perfectly packaged in a Sprinkles cardboard box.

Ingredient Check! Since I was only interested in the vegan cupcake – I emailed Sprinkles to make sure the cupcake was indeed vegan – even the bright red food coloring. I did this because the color of the cupcake was super bright and authentic. While they said their actual cupcake ingredient list is confidential – they assured me that the food coloring is natural and certified vegan. Hooray!

The one problem for big groups is that you have to purchase one cupcake at a time.

The machine stocks up to 600 cupcakes – to last over night. Yes, this is a 24-hour ATM. Sprinkles vegan cupcakes at 3am? Probably never, but I just love to know that I can!!

You can follow the Sprinkles ATM and Sprinkles Bakery on Twitter! @Sprinkles @CupcakeATM

More info: Sprinkles Bakery

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