Vegan Version Easter Candy! Veeps and more!

Veeps by Sweet & Sara, photo: Sweet & Sara
Veeps by Sweet & Sara, photo: Sweet & Sara

You may not know this, but there is a vegan version of just about every traditional Easter candy out there. Jelly beans, “Peeps” (which are not vegetarian because they contain gelatin!), chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs and cream-filled eggs. Check out these 7 vegan-version Easter candies to serve your little Easter bunnies and chicks (or yourself!)..

1. Peeps. Meet “Veeps!” by Sweet & Sara these gelatin-free vegan marshmallow creations will have you swooning over their adorable shapes and delicious flavor.

2. Chocolate Bunnies. There are more than a few vegan chocolate bunny brands out there, one favorite bunny brand: bunnies from Chocolate bunnies for all! Golden-foil wrapped and oh so adorable. One Lucky Duck also carries amazing raw vegan macaroons!

3. Cream-Filled Eggs. You have to go to the bloggers for these beautiful vegan eggs. Try one of these tutorials and make your own “Cadbury Egg” deliciousness..

* Very Vegan Holiday
* Chocolate Covered Katie
* Including Cake
* Fork and Beans
* Buy them (UK-based) I did find one online store offering vegan cream eggs! via The Discerning Brute

4. Easter Basket! This decked-out vegan Easter Basket (complete with bunnies, eggs and more) from Allison’s Gourmet is the chocolate-lovers’ way to celebrate Easter.

5. Jelly Beans. Try Vegan Sweets Jelly Beans. Super colorful and vegan! Available online at Pangea.

6. Peanut Butter Eggs. Another one that is perfect for your homemade touch. Check out these recipes from bloggers:

* Minimalist Baker – classic spin, rich and creamy
* Healthy. Happy. Life. – healthy makeover recipe
* The Little Owl – cute and easy

5. More Ideas!! Get even more Easter and Passover treat ideas over at Girlie Girl Army. Bunny lollipops, marshmallow mush and more!

But don’t eat these treats on an empty tummy! Browse through 14 vegan recipes for Easter here on Babble!

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