Veggie Dumplings from They Draw and Cook

Vegetable DumplingsWhen I read Stacie’s post about this great website last month I was intrigued. Could quality recipes really be combined with amazing art? I decided to give it a shot myself, choosing a delicious, and pretty, looking recipe to make at home. As I perused the website a beautiful illustration of Veggie Dumplings by Caleb Lin caught my eye. We love homemade dumplings and I don’t have a great recipe of my own. They seemed like the perfect place to start.

The recipe is fairly simple and the dumplings turned out beautifully. To make sure I got the recipe right – there is very little text you know – I double-checked every step I took along the way.  First, I gathered all of my ingredients and compared them to the picture. They all seemed to match. Next, I followed the step of chopping and combining. Again, taking a long moment to gaze at the picture, making sure everything had been done correctly. Finely, I pan-fried the dumplings and steamed a few as well. I wanted to see how both techniques worked. The pan-fried were tastier, as expected, but steaming does work well if that’s your preferred strategy.

Cooking from They Draw and Cook turned out to be a complete joy. When you have time in the kitchen I highly recommend undertaking a recipe that appeals to you. If your children are old enough they will also have a blast, bring them into the kitchen, choose an illustration to cook from and have fun!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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