Vine App for Foodies: The Good, Bad, Ugly.

The vine App
The vine App

If you are into Apps you have probably heard about the new video App called Vine. Vine allows users to create six second multi-clip videos on their mobile devices then broadcast them to the world via the Vine App interface. Though still in its very early phases, Vine has quickly gained popularity among foodies including food bloggers, food lovers and anyone who likes to take “what is on their plate” to a whole new dimension. Many are calling Vine the “Instagram of videos.” And in case you didn’t know, does in fact own vine, so who knows how they will interact in the future. As a Vine user, I have noticed a few pros and cons of this new App when it comes to food. Get my Vine App good, bad and ugly when it comes to food vine videos..

Basics.. How-to Use Vine: PC Mag’s Guide.

Check out my first Vine App food video: Fully Loaded Peanut Butter Toast

Vine App for Foodies: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Good: The Vine App interface allows food lovers to take their food to a whole new level! Instead of a simple photograph, you can now show your food in steps and motion. Some good ideas:

* Follow your recipe steps to make a how-to video.
* Show how to easily assemble a meal with certain base components.
* Have fun showing your favorite amazing-looking foods and treats.
* Follow your meal courses at your favorite restaurant.
* Hint at a recipe to help people find their way to your food blog or website for more info.

Vine is super easy to use and really addictive! Fun and social. This could very well be the next BIG thing in mobile content sharing.

Also fabulous: Vine is a brand new way to reach your fans and followers!

Explore food. If you want to browse food videos, just click on the #food tag in the explore area of the Vine navigation button. Easy!

Now: The Bad of the Vine App for Food-Related Content…

* Vine crashes. A lot. If you spend a half hour carefully video capturing a recipe and then your video fails to upload this can lead to much frustration! (Of course I’m guessing Vine will fix its crashing problems as they progress. But for early-adopters of this App, the “failed to upload” error message is a big problem. Especially for more intensive food videos.

* Chop and shoot at the same time?? Making a video can be difficult since you have to physically put your finger on the screen while filming. If you want to do any sort of on-camera, face-time action you will need a friend to help you shoot. And if you are doing food prep like chopping, squeezing, zesting, sauteing and more – you will have some trouble trying to film and prep at the same time. (Try slicing some bread on your video while pressing record!)

* Phone Woes. Oh, and be careful. Expensive phones are not totally food-proof. You do not want to drop your iPhone in some boiling water, cooking batter bowl or on top of your plate of freshly-baked cookies.

* Sharing is not easy. You can really only share on Twitter and Facebook right now. And you have to share when you post the video. (This will hopefully change to a more Instagram-like share button in the future, because right now sharing is not ideal.)

The Ugly. The worst part about Vine when it comes to food is the lack of editing capabilities. I think we all know that it is not easy to make food look good. Most food photographers use high quality cameras, professional photo editing software and go through hundreds of photos to get that one perfect food shot. A few color, lighting and cropping tweaks also help. Without editing or pro-camera capabilities, Vine food videos have a high probability of coming out, well, kinda gross. Food that is captured poorly, aka bad lighting, poor composition and more can look unappetizing.

And the worst part about Vine is that when you watch a food video (or any video) you do not know what to expect. You could see a title label for “Pizza” and soon find yourself immersed in unflattering pizza images that you really didn’t want to watch.

But for now, I highly suggest you check out Vine because if nothing else, it is certainly a new way to look at the world. And food.

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Are you on Vine? What do you think? What improvements would you make?

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