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My husband called the other day from Costco.  The Vita-Mix man was there, selling his wares, putting on an impressive show where you blends whole fruits and vegetables, no sugar, no fattening ice creams, into perfectly delicious smoothies.  “We’re getting one,” he said.  And I replied with an resounding yes.  I’ve oogled the Vita-Mix blenders for years now, ever since watchign a good friend place a cupful of wheat berries in her blender, blend it to a fine powder, then make fresh homemade pancakes right in the same container.

The Vita-Mix blenders are some of the most powerful blenders on the market, their 2 horsepower motors can turn apples (cores and all), broccoli, kale, and even whole wheat into a fine powder, making it simple to create healthy foods in a matter of minutes.  Along with the machines, you also recieve access to a well-built whole-food community, Vita-Village, which offers endless ideas, recipes, and support for healthy eating. 

The one downside to Vita-Mix has always been the $399 price tag, and that’s just for the basic, lower end model.  Of course, if now is the time for you to finally purchase a Vita-Mix for your own kitchen, there are a few ways to save big.  We’ve rounded up some of the best online Vita-Mix deals, offering hundreds of dollars off the original price.


Purchased a reconditioned unit straight from VItamix.  Just $379, on sale from an actual value of $565

Find new units at a discounted prices (from $398)  through 

Several used models are available through eBay. Though, keep in mind that purchasing the units this way are risky.  Vita-Mix products tend to retain their value, which means you’ll be paying top dollar for a unit that may have been used poorly.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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