Water 101: The 7 Types of Water

Test out your water knowledge by comparing and learning about the seven different types of water. From mineral to spring and just what is fancy “artesian” water anyways? Get some basic facts about the most basic hydration beverage out there – water!..

7 Types of Water

1. Spring Water
Spring water, well, comes from a natural spring that forms from an underground source. The key for spring water is that it is directly from the source and is not recycled water. Spring water must carry the same properties in the bottle as when it is tapped from the spring. Some popular brands include Arrowhead, Evian and Sparkletts.

2. Purified Water
Purified water may be from a variety of sources – but the key here is that it has been treated with some sort of action to “purify” it. Purifying essentially means: “the bacteria and dissolved solids have been removed from the water by some process, making it “purified.” You may also use an at-home purification system to “purify” your tap water. Popular brands of purified water include Dasani and Aquafina.

3. Mineral Water
Mineral water is water that naturally contains minerals – you cannot add the minerals later. Minerals may include calcium, magnesium, manganese and more. Since mineral water contains natural minerals it often gets the reputation for being good for our health. Some mineral waters actually market themselves by the unique amounts of minerals they contain. Some mineral waters are high in minerals and some are low. Minerals usually contribute to a “less pure” taste – sometimes salty and sometimes bitter.

Some technical lingo: “Mineral water contains not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids..” Popular mineral water brands include San Pellegrino and Perrier.

4. Artesian Water
Yes this water is special. It is not simply from a underground spring – but this title of “artesian” contains specific parameters about how deeply set the water source is. In short, artesian water, in theory, has the chance of being ‘more pure’ than basic spring water since it comes from a deeper source and has to travel through deeper levels of natural filtering through earth. The specifics: “Artesian water comes from a well that taps a confined aquifer-a water-bearing underground layer of rock or sand-in which the water level is above the top of the aquifer.” Popular brands include: Fiji Water, Voss Water.

5. Tap Water
Direct from your faucet. Municipal tap water. Must meet the standards of the EPA.

6. Well Water
Well water is kind of old school since most people do not have wells in their yard. But well water directly taps the water source and bring it to the surface via a ground-drilled well.

7. Sparkling Water
Sparkling water is the fizzy stuff. Carbonated bliss. Those fizzy bubbles are sometimes natural – from the source – and sometimes occur due to the addition of carbon dioxide. Sparkling water may be spring water, purified water or even mineral water. Popular sparkling waters include Poland Spring, Perrier.

Quotes Source and for more info: My Spring Water website

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