Watermelon Balls & Getting Your Kids Into the Kitchen

The amount of work it takes to keep a family running smoothly is astounding. Just keeping everyone fed is a feat in itself. Prepackaged and processed foods are all too tempting and I want to resist the urge to just hand over a bar. Sure, I could buy pre-cut fruit in the store as a fresh alternative, but I’m also budget conscious. So every couple of days I take the time to prep fresh fruit to have on hand when the kids need a snack or a fruit in their lunch or a side at dinner. One thing we always have on hand is watermelon and my kids love it when I use a melon baller to create watermelon balls. Last week, my 3 year old (almost 4) begged me to let him use the melon baller. I tested the baller to make sure it wasn’t too sharp, showed him how it’s done and let him have at it. He LOVED every second of it and so did I. I worked on dinner prep while he took care of the fruit. We were spending time in the kitchen together and getting tasks completed. You can’t beat bonding and delegating! See for yourself how your kids really can help with prep work.

  • Creating Watermelon Balls 1 of 8
  • Going for the Scoop 2 of 8

    He knows how to use the melon baller to scoop out the flesh.

  • Lift Off! 3 of 8

    He successfully created a watermelon ball.

  • Placing the Watermelon Ball Into The Bowl 4 of 8
  • Loving Every Minute 5 of 8

    He enjoys the independence and big boy activity without having me standing over him guiding every movement. I just let him be and do his thing.

  • Going for a Taste 6 of 8

    The baller wasn't sharp enough to do anything more than scoop out melon.

  • Creating a Lunch Pack 7 of 8

    Why not let him pack some for his own lunch?

  • He Did It! 8 of 8

    Lunch side for tomorrow!

Fruit Pre With Kids:

Melon: I cut a watermelon or any melon in half, give each kid a half and a melon baller and let them scoop – they even know how to remove the seeds from cantaloupe or honeydew.

Grapes: Place grapes in a sink colander and let the kids wash and remove from stems and place into paper towel lined container.

Strawberries: Place into colander to wash, then give them a strawberry huller or they can eat them up to the stem.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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