Wedge Salad: Modern Family and for Your Family

Claire and Phil on Modern Family had a fight all over a wedge salad. How could a simple wedge salad with its quarter chunk of iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, tomatoes and blue cheese dressing set them off?

What I’ve found after being married as long as I have, being a woman and knowing other women is that the women tend to internalize. They hold things in, build them up and then explode at the right moment into a passionate explanation of what’s wrong with their marriage and how the wedge salad analogy works to explain everything. This usually leaves the unsuspecting husband baffled as he thought because nothing had been said before, everything was fine, and he is left wondering what he did wrong. All because of a wedge salad.

The moral of the story here, men, is that just try the wedge salad when your wife suggests it. You may like it, and if you don’t think you will or aren’t sure why you would try it, try it anyway. You never know when a chunk of iceberg will come back and bite you in the end.

Wedge Salad Recipes
Grilled Romaine Wedge Salad(pictured above)
Wedge Salad with Smoky Blue Cheese Dressing

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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