Weird, Strange and Stupid: 15 Totally Bizarre Candies

Brooklyn Supper has scoured the globe to present the best, worst, and grossest Halloween candies. Now, we’ve rounded up the weirdest. From chocolate-covered squid to salty black licorice skulls, we’re happy to present these 15 seriously strange candies.

  • Jelly Belly Peas and Carrots Candy 1 of 15
    Jelly Belly Peas and Carrots Candy
    Vegetable jelly beans? Not exactly--these look just like veggies but are green apple and orange sherbet-flavored instead.
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    Image: Jelly Belly
  • Meatball Bubblegum 2 of 15
    Meatball Bubblegum
    Perfect for a fake-out gag gift, these gum balls aren't actually meaty (according to Candy Addict, they're "vaguely fruit flavored"), but they'll still surprise the unsuspecting trick-or-treater.
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    Image: Archie Mcphee
  • Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art 3 of 15
    Chew-By-Numbers Gum Art
    Take your candy to the next level and express yourself with chew-by-numbers gumballs. Chew each color and create a masterpiece.
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    Image: Perpetual Kid
  • Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints 4 of 15
    Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints
    Vampires could strike at any time--be ready. Also, be ready to brush your teeth soon after the threat has past.
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  • Saltskallar 5 of 15
    Licorice by itself can be a pretty divisive flavor, but when you add salt, it enters a whole new realm of strangeness. I actually tried this in Sweden and in spite of my best efforts to be polite, I ended up spitting it on the sidewalk.
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    Image: Ingrid's Candy Shop
  • Japanese Kit Kats 6 of 15
    Japanese Kit Kats
    Kit Kat flavors are hardly plentiful here in the states, but in Japan, over 80 flavors of Kit Kat have been created. Currently, 19 unique flavors are available in flavors such as banana, earl grey, strawberry cheesecake, soy sauce, cola and lemon soda, and roast corn. Varieties are frequently made to suit regional tastes and not available nationwide.
    Image: Bruce Bartlett
  • Grillz Candy 7 of 15
    Grillz Candy
    Forget wax lips, how about this glitzy grill? Combination lollypop/prosthesis/pacifier. What more could you want?
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  • Violet Gum 8 of 15
    Violet Gum
    Violet gum is an old-fashioned candy that harkens back to a simpler time. Nonetheless, it's flower flavored gum.
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  • Poo-lar Bear 9 of 15
    Poo-lar Bear
    There's actually an entire candy genre involving adorable pooping animals. Not a fan of polar bears? There are also reindeer, dogs, cows, sheep--you name it.
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  • Pez for Pets Dog Treat Dispenser 10 of 15
    Pez for Pets Dog Treat Dispenser
    Why should humans have all the Pez fun? These dog-shaped Pez dispensers dole out Pez for your pooch.
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    Image: Republic of Paws
  • Amber Insect Candy 11 of 15
    Amber Insect Candy
    This isn't real amber, but it is a real insect. Yum!
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    Image: Candy Warehouse
  • Lord of the Rings Pez 12 of 15
    Lord of the Rings Pez
    Get your Pez direct from the neck of Gandolf and Frodo with this Lord of the Rings collector's set.
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    Image: Candy Warehouse
  • Men’s Pocky 13 of 15
    Men's Pocky
    Let's say your very manly. So manly in fact that you require your very own type of candy. Men's Pocky has you, and your manliness, covered.
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  • Chocolate-Covered Squid 14 of 15
    Chocolate-Covered Squid
    This delicacy is enjoyed primarily in Japan. Here in the States, you'll most likely need to make it yourself. Intrigued?
    Image: Carl Chun
  • Ekura-Chan Saku-Saku Cookies 15 of 15
    Ekura-Chan Saku-Saku Cookies
    There's a big jellyfish problem in the Sea of Japan. What better way to fight back than by eating the monster jellyfish, known as Echizen Kurage? The jellyfish are boiled into a thick paste and used to make Ekura-Chan Saku-Saku Cookies.
    Image: Kenpei


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