What is Black Chicken? Some things you should know.

black chickenChicken used to be a safe meat. The boring meat. The meat that goes with just about anything.  The basis of all comfort foods. With the cold weather approaching, our kitchens are warming up with chicken soups and chicken dinners. And now we have some decisions to make: white chicken or black chicken? We’ve never heard of this black chicken before, but now it’s like a thing. So we did some digging online and this is what we found:

Black chickens 101:

— black chickens are real chickens

— black chicken’s real name is Silkie

— black chickens make good mothers: they can hatch other birds’ eggs

— they are usually sold with the head and feet attached (one of our editors actually experienced this the hard way)

— they’re popular in Asian cuisine, mostly in soups, and are believed to have medicinal powers

— their meat is dark and gamey

We don’t think this new chicken will make it past our picky eaters, but here are some classic chicken recipes that may work well with both types of meat:

Chicken soup with quinoa

Skillet chicken pot pie

Chicken dumpling soup

Mexican chicken soup

If you want to know what a black chicken looks like alive, plus more in-depth info on this adventurous food, check out Angie’s “Black Chicken” post.

For more information on where to buy black chickens check out this New York Times article.

Tell us: Have any of you adventurous foodies out there ever tried black chicken? Think your kids would go for it?

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