What is That?? 7 Foods That Play Tricks on Your Eyes

Hamburger Cake

When I was little, I loved optical illusions. I used to spend hours pouring over books with trick pictures, trying to figure out how they were drawn. I am still fascinated with the idea of things that play tricks on my eyes. When it comes to food that can be something like a cake that looks like a burger or fruit that looks like a Rubik’s Cube. There are so many optical illusions that can be made with food! Here are a few of my favorites! Can you tell what the food really is?

  • Hot Dog Cookies 1 of 8
    Hot Dog Cookies
    Who is in the mood for hot dogs? Well think twice before you order these because they are cookies! Check them out on
    Taste of Home
  • Baked Potato Cookies 2 of 8
    Baked Potato Cookies
    At first look you might be ready to serve these with dinner. But don't! They are cookies for dessert.
    Make baked potato cookies
  • Fries Cake 3 of 8
    Fries Cake
    Hold off before you reach for the ketchup. These aren't steak fries — they are pound cake strips!
    Make fries cake
  • Hamburger Cake 4 of 8
    Hamburger Cake
    I think it would be so much fun to present this giant burger as dinner to see what people say before they realize it is actually dessert!
    Make a hamburger cake
  • Watermelon Bombe Cake 5 of 8
    Watermelon Bombe Cake
    At first glance this looks like a fun fresh watermelon. But, at second glance you realize it is, in fact, an awesome watermelon sherbert cake!
    Make watermelon bombe cake
  • Watermelon Legos 6 of 8
    Watermelon Legos
    Your little builder will adore these cool legos on a stick. At first glance it looks like you should build a towers before your realize they are for eating!
    Make watermelon legos
  • Angry Bird 7 of 8
    Angry Bird
    Time to play angry birds! No, wait, time to eat your snack. It is hard to tell whether you eat with it or play with it!
    Make a Babybel angry bird
  • Fruit Rubik’s Cube 8 of 8
    Fruit Rubik's Cube
    Can you line up the green squares? Don't try for real, it isn't a Rubik's Cube - it is fruit!
    Make a fruit Rubik's cube

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