What to Do with Your Corned Beef Leftovers

St. Patrick’s Day is over, and now you’re left with a heaping helping of corned beef in your refrigerator? No worries. I admittedly like corned beef leftovers more than I enjoy corned beef and cabbage. The possibilities seem to stretch on for miles, and when all else fails, put an egg on it.

  • Garnish 1 of 7
    A creamy parsnip soup is just what the salty corned beef needs to counteract it. Together they turn containers of cold leftovers into a soothing lunch.
    Parsnip Soup with Corned Beef via Bon Appetit
  • Baked In 2 of 7
    Any kind of leftover braided into fresh baked bread gets me weak in the knees. Corned beef as part of a bread braid is no exception.
    Reuben Bread via RecipeGirl
  • Egg Rolled 3 of 7
    A fine chop and a few egg roll wrappers turn leftovers into an all new treat. Dip them in Thousand Island dressing for a bit of a Reuben-esque feel to this dish.
    Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls via Food for My Family
  • Chopped 4 of 7
    Looking for a hangover cure for breakfast? Salt corned beef topped with a fried egg is just what the doctor ordered. A bloody mary alongside, and you'll feel back to normal in no time. Well, at least you'll have food in your stomach.
    Corned Beef Hash via Epicurious
  • Pressed 5 of 7
    Don't just toast your Reuben, Panini press it down. I'm a big fan of the traditional Reuben with sauerkraut, but this one takes the leftover cabbage you have to make a new and crisp twist.
    Panini Reubens via GoodLife Eats
  • South of the Border 6 of 7
    Flour tortillas are good for a multitude of things, and turning leftovers into something warm and fun to eat happens to be one of their best uses. Rather than pumpernickel bread, grill your leftover corned beef along with some cheese into a quesadilla treat.
    Corned Beef Quesadillas via Betty Crocker via Sarah's Cucina Bella
  • In Pasta 7 of 7
    Pasta and a bit of spicy mustard save leftovers from the garbage can. This dish takes meat and potatoes and spins it in a different direction.
    Corned Beef and Cabbage Pasta via ABC's The Chew

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