What to Do with Your Summer Tomato Harvest

It’s summertime, which means tomatoes!

Maybe you have a garden bursting to the brim with fresh tomatoes or maybe you’re more like me, with a black thumb and dead tomato plants, but an abundance of summer tomatoes thanks to the farmers market.

No matter how you end up with a bountiful tomato harvest, never fear! You can use up all those tomatoes, and I promise you won’t even get sick of them by the time you’re done.

There are so many wonderful ways to use tomatoes it’s almost overwhelming, but in the best way possible. From canning to making sauces and soup to simply eating tomatoes right this very second, this list of things to do with these delicious red fruits will keep all of us busy for the rest of the summer.

What’s your go-to tomato recipe? Any favorites to add to this list?

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