What to Wear to a Gingerbread House Making Party at School

What to Wear to a Gingerbread House Making Party

This week I faced an interesting preschooler dressing challenge: dressing my daughter for her holiday party at school which involved decorating gingerbread houses (messy!) followed by carols and a formal picture (dressy!) Ahhh!

I went with red corduroy. Washable, festive, and comfy. Yes, in one minute that simple red corduroy dress in her closet went from being ho-hum to being the answer to all of my prayers.

I don’t know why the teacher elected to do the messy project before the pictures but so be it. The morning of the party we picked out the outfit, complete with comfy tights and simple black Mary Jane’s, and I taught my daughter how to wipe food out of her clothes with a wet paper towel. I also showed her how to dab out extra frosting, wipe her face off and smooth her hair down!

The gingerbread house she brought home was adorable. I don’t know how the portraits went but the good news is that she looked perfectly unmessy when I picked her up at school. She told me all about how she wiped off the extra frosting on her skirt and got the candy candy crumbs off her hand and lips before they took her photo. Thank you, corduroy dress, for helping her look stylish and put together on what could’ve been a very, very messy occasion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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