What Would Julia Child Say: Her 10 Most Hilarious Quotes


The other day I was standing in the kitchen over a pot of boiling pasta when my friends (over for a Sunday afternoon of food and wine) starting reminiscing on Julia Child. “I thought she was so boring as a kid, but now that I’m older, I adore her reruns,” said one of my friends. I chuckled, because that was exactly my own experience. For whatever reason, I didn’t appreciate Julia as a child. But now that I’m grown, with a kitchen of my own, I cherish her no-nonsense approach to life and cooking. This year marks Julia’s 100th birthday, it was celebrated a few weeks back by PBS. To keep that celebration strong, here are 10 absolutely hysterical quotes that are classically Julia Child.

  • Get the Skinny 1 of 10
    Julia always did know how to pass the time properly.
  • Fear Factor 2 of 10
    When in doubt, trust Julia!
  • Wisdom of the Sages 3 of 10
    Julia's no-nonsense approach to cooking was always a treat.
  • A Toast to Truth 4 of 10
    French cooking was always more fun with Julia.
  • Ahhhh-choo 5 of 10
    Sometimes you just gotta say it like it is.
  • A Simple Fact of Life 6 of 10
    Julia always did know how to cut to the most important details.
  • Secret to Success 7 of 10
    Truth is, Julia always did know how to keep it simple.
  • How It Works 8 of 10
    Throw out the fear, embrace the power of the kitchen. That's what Julia would do.
  • Power to the People 9 of 10
    And why not?
  • Beginnings 10 of 10
    Because you never know how it's all going to go down in the kitch.

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