Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Baking: 10 Delicious Recipes

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Eating wheat-free and gluten-free is becoming a new diet trend, partially due to the success of the bestseller Wheat Belly, which encourages the elimination of wheat in order to lose weight and belly fat. Historically, we tend to vilify foods in our quest to get thinner; this has certainly become the case with wheat, as more and more people jump on the wheat-free bandwagon. On the upside, an increased demand for gluten-free products has resulted in more easily accessible options at restaurants and grocery stores for those with diagnosed wheat and gluten allergies and intolerances.

When it comes to wheat- and gluten-free baking, things can get tricky; most gluten-free bakers I know substitute a gluten-free blend for the all-purpose flour called for in most baked goods. Unlike wheat flour, it’s rare that a single variety (i.e. rice or quinoa flour) will work on its own in cakes, loaves and cookies. Whether you’re just getting a feel for gluten-free baking or already have plenty of baked goods under your belt, these recipes are worth a try.

  • Gluten-Free Black Bean Brownies 1 of 10
    These brownies get a nutrient boost from pureed black beans, which are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Babble has the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Quinoa Buttermilk Pancakes 2 of 10
    Light, fluffy pancakes are made gluten-free using quinoa flour, which also adds a healthy dose of protein. Babble has the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Cake 3 of 10
    Cinnamon-scented snickerdoodle cake makes the house smell wonderful as it bakes! Babble has the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Crackle Cookies 4 of 10
    These dense, fudgy chocolate cookies are rich and chewy -- and gluten-free! Babble has the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Marshmallow Frosting 5 of 10
    This dense chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting tastes like an enormous whoopie pie! Babble has the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Muffins 6 of 10
    Who doesn't love a good blueberry muffin? And these are gluten-free! Visit Dinner with Julie for the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Peanut Butter and Nutella Thumbprint Cookies 7 of 10
    Rich and chewy peanut butter cookies are gluten-free -- and taste like a peanut buter cup with a dollop of Nutella in the middle! Visit Bell'alimento for the recipe!
  • Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread 8 of 10
    This dense, moist loaf is everything you expect in zucchini bread -- without the gluten. Babble has the recipe!
  • Chewy Chocolate Walnut Puddle Cookies 9 of 10
    These chewy, intensely chocolate cookies are made with icing sugar, cocoa, egg whites and a load of toasted walnuts - they're completely addictive, and totally wheat- and gluten-free!
    Babble has the recipe!
  • Peanut Butter & Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies 10 of 10
    These cookies contain no butter, sugar, or eggs. But wait they're delicious. No, really. Their moisture and sweetness comes from ripe bananas, and their structure comes from oats making them gluten-free if you use gluten-free oats. Babble has the recipe!

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