When Sandwich Worlds Collide: Grilled Cheese Meets Sloppy Joe



I’m not quite sure I remember where this baby caught my eye, but it did. I mean just look at it…it’s a work of art as far as grilled cheese sandwiches go….or should I say as sloppy joes go. So what it is exactly, a grilled cheese or a sloppy joe?

Now if you look closely, you may notice a cheesy crust on the bread. That, my friends, is a little secret technique that Grilled Cheese Social shares over on her blog. I’ll give you a hint, you’ll need to invest in a little tool called a straw. If you didn’t figure out by the name alone, Grilled Cheese Social is a blog full of glorious, cheesy goodness and I warn you, if you are hungry you may want to grab a snack before you go browsing over there. And this isn’t the only grilled cheese concoction that caught my eye…Miss Mackenzie is pretty much a genius when it comes to two slices of bread and what comes in between and I’m delighted to have come across her and her mouthwatering sandwich creations.

 1 brioche bun
2 tbsp Tillamook medium cheddar – shredded
2 pats of salted butter
a couple potato chips – I used McClure’s pickle chips because they’re my favorite thing EVER
1.5 tbsp sloppy joe mix at room temperature
a straw


Treat yourself to a little grilled cheese adventure…enjoy Grilled Cheese Social’s recipe for this grilled cheese sloppy joe sandwich, or what she refers to as the Osceola.

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Photo Credit: Grilled Cheese Social

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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