S’mores Galore : White Chocolate & Cookie-n-Cream


We have all grown up on the classic fireside treat of S’mores and chances are, that your kids have known of it since they could walk. I decided to try two variations at a recent backyard campfire and found the kids went crazy for them as well the adults.

You begin with all your usual ingredients except you substitute a bar of White Chocolate or Cookies-n-Cream for the Milk Chocolate. Yes, I realize that White Chocolate is not real chocolate but I do not mind.

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You may also want to consider designing more of a S’mores ‘bar’ by offering different types of chocolate bars as well as different flavors of graham crackers and even a selection of marshmallows. Did you know there are also chocolate coated graham crackers as well as chocolate chip graham crackers?

Graham Crackers
Bars of White Chocolate and Cookies-n-Cream Chocolate

I think most of us have already been taught how to assemble but in case you forgot, here are the basics: Place one piece of graham cracker on a plate, place a piece of chocolate on the graham cracker and set another graham cracker to the side. Toast your marshmallow on the skewer until the perfect shade of brown or black. After allowing it to cool just a few seconds, remove it from the skewer and place it on top of the chocolate, top with the remaining graham cracker and take a big bite.

So, are you a wooden or metal skewers user? I find it fun to send everyone out to find their own favorite sticks to use but be sure to have some back-up in case there is not much kindling around.

p.s. Do not forget the wet wipes.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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