Whole Food Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie

Spring forward with a Whole Food Green Smoothie! Most people think that a “smoothie” consists of liquid, ice and some sort of frozen fruit. Well while frozen smoothies are amazing – whole food smoothies are equally delicious and often pack even more flavor in nutrients in each sip. Whole Food smoothies, which are usually just chilled and not frozen – are more than just a treat – they are a meal in a glass! And a tasty meal at that. Even kids will love crafting their own whole food smoothie from their favorite fruits and veggies. They will love the sweet taste. To inspire their intrigue, give the smoothie a fun name like “silly frog smoothie” “goofy green grape” or “grumpy gator” Get one of my favorite whole food smoothie recipes ahead!..

I love whole food smoothies because unlike straight up juice, they keep all the fiber of fresh whole fruits and veggies. Also in this blend are all those energizing nutrients and live enzymes from whole foods. And if you don’t like to ‘eat your greens’ – try drinking them! The sweet fruit really shield your taste buds from intense grassy flavors.

And since whole food smoothies are less “frozen” than traditional frozen-fruit smoothies, they can be absorbed faster into the body because with frozen smoothies your body has to heat them up to body temperature before digesting and converting into energy. The heating process uses energy to do.

And yes, the best part of the smoothie recipe below is that it is a green smoothie! Green smoothies combine the nutrients, sweetness and fiber of fruit with the nutrients and fiber of green foods like leafy greens (super nutrient dense!) I adore the flavor of this smoothie – nice and sweet enough to really enhance the green flavor. Those grapes really sweeten things up and that citrus adds zing. Give it a whirl for breakfast and energize you day!

Sassy Sweet Green Whole Food Smoothie
serves 2

1 cup vanilla almond milk (I made my own – recipe here)
1 large seedless orange, peel removed (if not using seedless, remove seeds)
*you could also use 2-3 satsumas or seedless mandarins too
1 cup green grapes
1 large ripe banana
2 cups green kale
1/2 cup coconut water ice cubes (or regular ice cubes)
*coconut water is rich in electrolytes like potassium
dash cayenne (for spiciness)

optional: for a thinner smoothie, add in more almond milk or a splash of orange juice
optional: additional greens (more kale, parsley or spinach)
optional: 1/2 cup additional sweet fruit (kiwi, mango or pear are my faves)
optional: scoop of spirulina powder (for extra green color and a nutrient boost!)

tip: chill the orange, grapes and banana for a cooler end product smoothie.

Blend and serve.

Note: you will need a high speed blender like a Vitamix to properly blend all these whole foods into creamy bliss. If you are looking to buy a Vitamix, please read my Vitamix review – posted to my blog Healthy Happy Life. And use this Vitamix online store link for free shipping on your purchase – $25-$35 value depending on where you ship.

And see why a Vitamix is my favorite cooking gadget in this post: 10 Cool Recipes to Make with a Vitamix

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