Why the Pizza Cutter Needs a New Name

In our house we never use the pizza cutter to cut pizza. Scissors are our tool of choice, but that doesn’t mean the pizza cutter doesn’t get used. In fact, it has a very important job that, as a parent, saves my sanity.

cutting pancakes with a pizza cutter

Half of you already know this tip, I am sure. But the other half are living like I did, in the dark, unaware that you don’t have to torture yourself cutting up your kids’ breakfast with a knife and fork. Stop it right now! Next time your family sits down for a nice pancake or waffle breakfast, break out the pizza cutter!

It’s so simple and yet completely genius. The pizza cutter (which I am going to rename the pancake cutter, by the way) works beautifully, cutting your kids’ food into bite-sized pieces in no time at all. It’s like a breakfast miracle.

On a related note, as much as I hate cutting up my kids’ food, I know when the day comes that I don’t have to, it will just mean that they’ve grown up. So, I am trying to embrace the “Mommy, will you cut this up for me?” phase, knowing it will be over all too quickly. But if the pizza cutter can make it a little easier, then I’m all for it!

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