Wine Tasting: Mommy Juice? Yes, Please!

Full disclosure: I know nothing about wine. It’s just one of those things which, along with my hatred of experimental jazz and inability to pay attention to the NASDAQ, leaves me in “unsophisticated lady” territory, doomed to listen to Led Zeppelin and eat Funyuns for brunch. So when a colleague gave me a bottle of wine labeled Mommy Juice, I had no real objections. I’m a mommy. I like a drink. Wine goes with Funyuns.

The brainchild of Cheryl Murphy Durzy, a mother of two who has worked in the wine industry for over ten years, Mommy Juice is actually grown up wine wearing a kid-cognizant name, the kind you can imagine being uttered in such scenarios as:

KID: What you drinking?

MOMMY: Oh, it’s just a little Mommy Juice!


KID: What you drinking?

MOMMY: Wha, dish? S’Mommy Juice. Hey… where baby?

The good news: the wine is genuinely yummy. Not just to low-class me, but to my considerably more discerning friends, one of whom described it as  “fruity with a mellow finish.”

The funny news: Drinking wine called Mommy Juice can make you more, not less, self-conscious. While I totally get that Durzy’s label is intended to provide a quick explanation for inquiring little minds, I also found that looking at a bottle called Mommy Juice took a lot of the “Ramble On” out of my evening. But maybe that’s the point.  Maybe we’re supposed to have our one glass of Mommy Juice and put a cork in it. In which case, cheers to you, Cheryl Murphy Durzy. That’s one tasty hidden agenda.

— Mira Jacob

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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