Your Kids Will Get a HOOT! Out of These Super-Cute Owl Snacks

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Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Before I had kids, I pictured my offspring and me crafting our little hearts out. My future children would have all the dexterity and patience needed to hand-sew a quilted version of Monet’s waterlilies or frost a 15-layer celebration cake. Buuuuut, then I actually had my kids and, long story short, I’ve downgraded my crafting expectations.

Like, really downgraded. I failed to realize two crucial things: 1) Kids aren’t known for their lengthy attention spans, and 2) They are always, always hungry.

Simple Owl Snacks
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

And so, I reserve my most intensive feats of crafting genius until after bedtime, and instead look for fun, quick, and easy things we can make together. And if it’s an edible something, all the better. These little owl crafts fit the bill perfectly. They also happen to be the perfect snack to fuel up with before trick-or-treating.

This “recipe” is endlessly adaptable — use whichever ingredients best fit your family’s preferences.

Simple Owl Snacks
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Simple Owl Snacks

Makes: 4
Prep time: 10 minutes

-1 large, crisp apple (varieties like Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Gala work well)
-nut butter of choice (we went with this sunflower seed butter)
-8 2-inch round crackers
-2 tablespoons cream cheese
-8 raisins
-4 pepitas or almonds
-sunflower seeds

1. Slice the apple lengthwise into 1/2-inch thick rounds. Reserve end pieces and slices with the core for the wings.

2. Spread the nut butter on 4 of the rounds. Spread a small dollop of cream cheese on each cracker. Use your fingertip to smush each raisin (so it’s flat), and affix it to the eyes. Add cracker eyes to apple body. Add a large pepita or almond for the nose.

3. Slice reserved apple slices into 8 triangular wings and affix to owl bodies. Line owl body with sunflower seed feathers and serve!

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