Kids Cooking Shows

  • Food Oddities 1 of 11
    With his Youtube series FoodOddities, 10-year-old Remy Mumby is the newest star on the culinary scene. FoodOddities boasts over 60 videos of him preparing and trying virtually unknown foods. (His fearlessness scored him an interview in Esquire magazine!)
  • The Kitcheneers 2 of 11
    Boasting the catchiest theme song on YouTube, 7-year-old McKenna Gehrke is the host of this educational cooking show where “kids rule the kitchen!”
  • CookTime with Remmi 3 of 11
    She’s not a movie star or even a rockstar — she’s a cook star! This little girl has her own YouTube channel and a whole set of followers who love her healthy eating tips and yummy recipes.
  • Fresh Food for Kids 4 of 11
    These videos are a culinary treat from down under filled with things we can’t resist: cute kids cooking great food, cute kids who love food and cute kids with adorable accents.
  • Christmas Cooking Show 5 of 11
    Complete with laugh-track sound effects and the Nutcracker score, these two young chefs perfect the ultimate Christmas sandwich: A Nutella and candy cane mix that could only be dreamt up by kids.
  • Cooking with a Toddler 6 of 11
    Four-year-old Hayden Cole is by far the cutest junior chef to grace the YouTube screens. The toddler is not only enthusiastic about his “baby tacos,” but he understands the power of chives and seasoning salt! Welcome to the kitchen, little man!
  • Cooking with Chloe the Doll 7 of 11
    Who knew an American Girl doll could be such a great chef?
  • Cooking with Bella 8 of 11
    We have a feeling this is how Rachael Ray got her start…
  • First Time Chef 9 of 11
    We don’t know what we love most: this adorable kid hamming up it for the camera, his awesome taco recipe, or that crazy hairstyle that’s perfect for television.
  • Stefano Makes Gnocchi 10 of 11
    We can’t get enough of Stefano and his Nonna cooking up Italian recipes. We’re thinking he’s the next Rocco DiSpirito.
  • Kids Cooking Shows 11 of 11
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