Is Our House Too Quiet?

Quietly playing in the playroom!
Quietly playing in the playroom!

For most of the day, Cullen and I are home alone. We have a pretty good routine going; play and nap in the morning, adventures and play dates in the afternoon, and more napping and playing in the evenings while we wait for dad to come home. In the afternoons, we generally hang out with friends or go for walks. This is our social hour!

But during the other time when it’s just me and the little guy, our house is pretty quiet. Sure, I play music, the dogs bark, and I talk to Cullen while he plays. But we don’t have the type of house that is always bustling with activity. There aren’t people dropping by or big family dinners. Sometimes I worry… is our house too quiet?

He isn’t much of a talker yet, mostly just saying “dada” over and over again. His motor skills are far ahead of all of the charts and “should be’s” that you read in books, crawling at five months, and walking at nine. But since every new mom has to obsess and worry about something, I am of course worried about his language development. I just hope that our relatively quiet house isn’t holding him back somehow.

I know that there are many stay-at-home moms who are alone with babies all day. Any tips for introducing more language in your house? I play a lot of Pandora during the day, and we have several toys that play songs. He seems to LOVE music (lots of dancing) so I’m trying to look for local music classes that are starting in the fall. He has finally stopped eating his books long enough that I can read them, so we’re doing a lot more of that too.

How else do you keep your baby stimulated?

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