10 Easy Ways to Make Your Black Friday Healthy

Black Friday is at the end of the week, and I already know what I’m doing: staying home. I’ve actually never been out shopping on a Black Friday, so this isn’t out of the ordinary for me. The huge discounts and deals have never been quite enough to make me want to brave the massive crowds. But there are tons of people who get out and kick-start their holiday shopping — or get it all done in one day. As much as I’d like to get my shopping done early, I tend not to make a dent in my Christmas list until a couple of weeks before the holiday.

After a turkey-and-stuffing-filled Thanksgiving, Black Friday can be two things: a way to extend the holiday spirit by noshing at the food court and splurging on holiday-flavored mega-coffees, or an opportunity to turn over a new, healthy leaf following a big splurge day. Because it can be so easy to carry the splurging mentality every day after Thanksgiving and through the New Year (Cookies! Eggnog! Cocktails!), it’s good to put on your game face and come up with a plan to get back on track after Thanksgiving. Conveniently, I’ve got 10 easy ways to make sure your Black Friday is a healthy one!

10 Tips For A Healthy Black Friday 1 of 11
Need tips for putting Thanksgiving behind you and making Black Friday as healthy as can be? Read on!
Forget About Thanksgiving When It’s Done 2 of 11
Feeling bad about your second (or third!) piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? Remember that the day after splurging is a new day! So forget the indulgences of the day before and treat each meal as a clean plate slate! Get going with a healthy breakfast so that when lunch time comes around and those leftovers are calling your name, you're not tempted to do a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner.

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Sleep In 3 of 11
Forget getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the sales. Sleep in! The holidays are stressful, so if you've got a day off from work, get a little extra shut-eye to let yourself recuperate. Even an extra hour of sleep gave give you all sorts of benefits to your heart, athletic performance and even a memory boost.

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Exercise 4 of 11
Get over your Thanksgiving hangover by making a point to move the next day. Burning some Turkey Day calories will help you keep your overall calorie surplus in check and will help prevent you from gaining any extra "stuffing." Plus, staying in the habit of exercising throughout the holiday season will give you an edge and won't have you starting on your fitness from square one after the holidays.

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Pick up the Pace 5 of 11
If you are getting up early to shop, well, here are some ideas of how to do it in a healthy way! Forget the early-morning crowds, and venture out slightly later in the day. Slightly smaller crowds may let you pick up the pace as you move around stores. Treat each stretch as an opportunity to power walk. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

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Opt not to Hit the Mall 6 of 11
Instead of the mall, which is warm and cozy and encourages dilly-dallying (and has a food court!), head to a shopping center that forces you outdoors to move between stores or a lively downtown area with shops. The cold will force you to pick up the pace naturally, and you'll shop with more purpose!

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Skip the Food Court 7 of 11
Food court options at the mall are not the healthiest fare, so plan your day around meals so that you're not ravenous with only fast-food options nearby. Pack a healthy snack of a banana and some nuts, or trail mix and a little fruit so that cinnamon roll doesn't look as appealing if you get hungry. Save those holiday splurges for the foods you really look forward to, like Grandma's pumpkin pie, rather than a food court treat!

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Park Far Away 8 of 11
This one shouldn't be much trouble with the busy crowds, but forget about driving around in circles trying to score a prime spot. Save yourself hassle, stress and trouble by parking farther away. You'll get yourself some fresh air and exercise and be in a much jollier mood!

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Shop Online 9 of 11
It sounds counterintuitive to shop online. And that's partly true as surfing the internet isn't the most active pursuit. However, shopping online can save a lot of time if you know what you're looking for, and with that time saved, you're free to hit the gym and do some workouts!

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Use the Stairs 10 of 11
Skip the friendly escalators and find the stairs to get a little more exercise oomph to your shopping spree. If the stairs are hard to find, climb with the escalator for a super-quick way to the next floor and a slight energy boost.

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Work Those Abs 11 of 11
If you're with a friend, laugh a lot for a bit of an ab exercise boost. If you're solo, do isometric holds whenever you're thinking about it — in line to pay, in the car in a long queue out of the parking garage, or while pushing a cart. You'll be surprised at how tired your abdominals can get with some static holds and pulses!

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