10 Nutrients Your Baby Needs and Where to Find Them

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When you’re pregnant you hear all kinds of recommendations for what you should be eating and what kind of vitamins and supplements you should be taking. We hear lots about folic acid and prenatal vitamins and so on and so forth. But what about when that little baby is actually here, eating on his own and not relying on mom’s nutrition? Aside from the few frequent appointments right after birth, there aren’t too many doctor’s appointments where there’s time for advice and specifics about what baby should be eating, especially once he starts to wean to solids. That doesn’t mean nutrition stops being important. In fact, it’s just the opposite! This is the time when your baby is growing and developing rapidly — nutrition matters now more than ever. Here’s a starter guide on 10 important nutrients for a growing a baby and where you can find them once you start moving beyond breast milk and formula.

10 Important Nutrients Your Baby Needs for Growth & Development

1. DHA/Omega-3

Benefits: Brain and eye development, along with aiding absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K

Where to find it: Salmon, avocado, and breast milk

2. Iron

Benefits: Brain development, specifically motor skills and memory, as well as forming hemoglobin, which provides oxygen delivery in the body

Where to find it:  Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, spinach, broccoli, avocado

3. Zinc

Benefits: Immune function (building white blood cells) and brain development. It tends to work (and is also found) along side of iron

Where to find it: Meat and dark meat poultry

4. Vitamin D

Benefits: Bone growth

Where to find it: Egg yolk, fish, and yogurt

5. Calcium

Benefits: Bone growth, as well as nerve and heart function

Where to find it: Yogurt, fortified orange juice, greens, and other dairy

6. Choline

Benefits: Brain development (notice a theme here?)

Where to find it: Egg and pork

7. Vitamin A

Benefits: Helps form healthy tissues, membranes, skin, teeth, and eyes

Where to find it: Carrots, liver, whole milk, cantaloupe

8. Vitamin K

Benefits: Regulates blood clotting

Where to find it: Leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and fermented dairy like yogurt — Most newborns also receive an injection at birth

9. Vitamin C

Benefits: Immune function, wound healing, and maintains healthy red blood cells and blood vessels

Where to find it: Citrus fruits, tomato, spinach, broccoli

10. Vitamin B

Benefits: Converts food to energy (metabolize nutrients)

Where to find it: Beans, fruits, and fortified baby cereals


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