10 Things No One Will Tell You About Hot Yoga

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Image source: Thinkstock

Hot yoga isn’t just a nickname for Bikram-style yoga. It’s a literal description of the class. Bikram yoga occurs in a room that’s heated to a whopping 105 degrees controlled with 40 percent humidity. It’s a 90-minute class that circles through a series of 26 yoga poses. If you’re thinking anyone who would voluntarily sign up for that is crazy, you might be right. But despite the suffocating heat, it’s oddly invigorating. The purpose of the heat in Bikram yoga is to help warm up the muscles, allow for a deeper stretch, and help detoxify the body through the release of toxins in your sweat.

Here are 10 things no one has told you about hot yoga:

1. It’s perfect if you’re planning to run a marathon soon.

Hot yoga would probably be helpful with the mental aspect of training for a marathon training.

2. It’s time consuming.

It takes a big chunk out of your day. Drive to studio. Sweat for 90 minutes. Go home. Shower. It’s at least two hours!

3. You’ll never want to eat fruit so badly.

You might consider a single slice of orange after class a miracle fruit.

4. It’s a very mental activity.

Hot yoga has almost nothing to do with your physical ability. The phrase “mind over matter” is no joke in there.

5. It’s good for your skin.

Going to hot yoga is like getting a free exfoliation treatment. Any dry or dead skin you have will rub right off. Yes, that’s gross. That’s why no one tells you.

6. You’re going to sweat … a lot.

You will sweat buckets. This seems obvious, but really. You will almost literally sweat your butt off. I sweat so much that the pink dye ran right out of my shorts and stained my towel.

7. It may take away from your social life.

Despite the previous tip, hot yoga and training for a marathon probably shouldn’t happen at the same time. Two hours for yoga and a three hour training run? Good luck with your social life.

8. You’ll daydream about showering.

That refreshing shower after hot yoga might be one of the best of your life.

9. You will sit down at some point.

Just when you think you can’t handle another second and you’re going to pass out from heat exhaustion, you get to sit down.

10. You need to stay hydrated!

You won’t have to pee. Every ounce of liquid inside you seeps out of your skin. I didn’t say it was pretty.

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