12 Types of People You’ll See at the Gym

It is a typical day, and you are headed for a workout in your modest attire with an hour or so to spare. As you head inside, ready to focus on what you went there for, it suddenly occurs to you that there are some real characters walking around in that facility. In fact, there is a rather interesting amount of people-watching to be done at the gym.

That’s what happened to me last weekend, and what spawned this post about the cast of characters one might see at the gym. Then I realized I have seen this cast before at previous gyms and in different cities. From one character to the next, it appears the same types of people frequent workout facilities all over the nation.

There are approximately a dozen different characters whom you might come across at the gym, or more if you get really creative. Have you seen one of these people lately? Are YOU one of these people?

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    12 types of people you wish you did not have to see at the gym

    Have you seen one of these characters? Or could you be one of them yourself?

  • Lunkheads 2 of 13

    Just like the commercial portrays them, Lunkheads live solely for the purpose of "lifting things up and put them down"." Lunkheads can be typically seen or heard grunting in the corner of the gym reserved for the 10 zillion pound free weights.

  • Woopers 3 of 13

    Now, I am all for a couple of howls or cheers during a class to get everyone pumped. If you feel the need, go for it. However, if you are hooting and hollering or singing aloud throughout every song as if the entire class were all your own, please remove yourself from the premises immediately.

  • Huffers 4 of 13

    This is the next extension of Woopers. Again, one huff or puff at the end of a grueling song or workout is perfectly acceptable. However, when you are huffing and puffing like you might have a heart attack on the spin bike, or breathing so heavily that you sound as if you need some privacy, it might be time to formulate another workout plan.

  • Correctors 5 of 13

    Correctors are like the form police of the facility. Most of the time, they mean well, but they could use their own refresher course on tact. (Just to be clear, there is a difference between a Corrector and a trainer coming over to offer suggestions or advice.) Under the guise of being helpful, Correctors are the know-it-alls who poke their heads into your personal space to tell you what you are doing wrong and how you should correct your form or posture.

  • Nudists 6 of 13

    If you have ever entered a gym locker room and seen naked people prancing around without a care in the world, you know who I am talking about.

  • Window Shoppers 7 of 13
    Window Shoppers

    Sadly for all of us, just showing up at the gym does not make a body healthier. Window Shoppers are unaware of that fact. They mosey around the gym, lifting a pound or two on occasion and hitting the water fountain in between reps. They can also be found walking at 0 miles per hour on the treadmill while talking on their cell phones.

  • Egoists 8 of 13

    Egoists spend the entire time they are at the gym checking themselves out in the mirror. They look at themselves before starting a set. They look at themselves during a set. They even watch themselves walking away after their set is over. Egoists make you wonder whether their homes are covered in mirrors.

  • Show-Offs 9 of 13
    Show Offs

    These are the people who make sure everyone around them can see precisely how much weight they are putting on their machine before starting their sets, and then grunting loudly during each one. After all, if you do not grunt loudly enough for everyone to hear, did you really lift a weight?

  • Droppers 10 of 13

    Droppers are similar to Show-Offs, just with a different method of getting attention. Rather than placing down their weights when finished with a set, they drop their weights on the floor, purposely causing a crash so loud that everyone else in the gym can turn their heads in the Dropper's direction and check them out. We're on to you, Droppers.

  • Monopolizers 11 of 13

    You have been waiting for what feels like forever for your favorite machine until the person before you finally finishes up. Then she promptly proceeds to stay at the machine for the next 10 minutes while chatting with a friend, having no regard for the fact that you are right there waiting for her to get a move on. Then a bit later on, you notice that she has arrived 45 minutes early to class to be sure she gets her favorite reformer. Congratulations, you have just seen a Monopolizer.

  • Sweaters 12 of 13

    Germophobes, beware. These are the generous folks who leave you the gift of their dripping sweat on each piece of equipment at the gym, because they cannot take thirty seconds out of their precious workout time to wipe anything down for the next person.

  • Odorants 13 of 13

    Either they forgot to use deodorant before heading out the door, do not realize that others are within smelling distance, or simply do not care. Whatever the reason, you might just find yourself having to hold your sweat towel over your nose each time an Odorant walks by.


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