15 Quick Workouts for Halloween

Anytime I think about working out I get that darn LMFAO song stuck in my head. “Ah … I work out.” The line plays on repeat until finally I realize, hey, maybe I should work out! I don’t have a ton of time these days and the extra time it takes to drive to and from the gym, while minimal, is still enough to prevent me from going.  I need quick, low-equipment workouts that make me feel like I’ve really busted my booty even if I didn’t spend an hour in Power Class or on the treadmill. I have these workouts printed out and taped on the wall in my home office -when I need a break from all of the tasks I seem to be drowning in, I bust out a quick 15 minute sweat session. It clears my head, gets my heart pumping, builds strength, and makes me feel accomplished. All good things for a measly 15 minutes, no?

Here are some of my favorite Halloween workouts for October, with a few other quick workouts for fall thrown in. Mixing it up from month to month keeps things fresh and exciting and this month’s theme is a no brainer!

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  • Spooktacular Abs 1 of 14

    Waiting for the doorbell to ring on Halloween night and trying to keep yourself from chowing down on the enticing bowl of candy? Jump on the opportunity to work your abs with this circuit from Chocolate Covered Diamonds. Keep going until the bell rings again!

  • Halloween Horror 2 of 14

    Oh the horror! Of burpees and jack squats, that is. Give this 666-themed workout from Georgetown Fitness ago anytime you're feeling the need for some serious sweat and strength. 

  • Do Work 3 of 14

    Between body weight and kettlebells you can do some serious work on your fall physique. The Hybrid Athlete brings you a full body workout with this one!

  • Spooky Circuit 4 of 14

    Let's get grooving for Halloween. Feel the burn with this spooky full body circuit complete with plyometrics and strength training. Peanut Butter Fingers really gets you pushing yourself with this one.

  • Short Circuit 5 of 14

    I love the quick bursts of each set of exercises in this circuit from Mommy Run Fast. It is easy to motivate myself to do just three minutes of hard work (and then repeat). This is my favorite for days when I'm especially busy. I can alternate three minutes of exercise with a some work, then another three minutes of exercise. 

  • Spooky Workout 6 of 14

    There's no excuses for this one - you don't even need any equipment. Just get ready, get set, go! Use your body weight to get your triceps, shoulders, and rear in shape with this Halloween-inspired workout from the Tone It Up girls.

  • Fast Fitness 7 of 14

    How can you tell yourself you don't have time for a workout when it can literally take five minutes. This quickie workout from Confessions of a Fitness Instructor can be a simple five minute workout or repeat it a couple of times to make it longer. 

  • Kick It Up 8 of 14

    I love how challenging this work from Love Life Surf is without being overly difficult or confusing. Straight-forward is the way to go when you're in a time crunch! 

  • Pumanator 9 of 14

    What better opponent to challenge than yourself? Time each round and push yourself to beat your own time with each circuit with this workout from Itz Linz.

  • Rise and Sweat 10 of 14

    Have access to a treadmill? Make every mile count with this sequence from Happy Fit Mama. You'll get more bang for your buck changing it up than you would keeping a steady pace the whole time.

  • Soccer Field Workout 11 of 14

    The cool fall weather means it's the perfect time to take your workout outisde. Even your kids will have fun with this scocer field workout from The Lean Green Bean.

  • Wicked Core 12 of 14

    Grab a pumpkin and a stability ball and get that core in shape with this workout from Go Super Sisters.

  • Focus for Five 13 of 14

    Another one of my favorite five-minute circuits. Drop down and bust out some bridges, planks, and crunches during any down time you have with this workout from Mom's Little Running Buddy(ies).

  • Scare it Away 14 of 14

    This bootcamp-style workout will blast the fat in no time. Donkey kicks, x-jumps, froggers, and dive bombers will have you huffing and puffing. See Upbeat Revolution to get the skinny on all those moves.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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