15 Signs You’re a Health Junkie (and Your Friends Aren’t)

You know the type: She rises from bed early on vacation to go for a run, she brings her own food to parties — the so-called “health nut.” But what really differentiates a health “nut” from a healthy-lifestyle seeker? Take a look at your friends, and then look at yourself. If they’re not doing the following things I’ve rounded up, but you are, you may be the former!

Here are 15 signs you’re a total health junkie!

  • Here’s Your Sign 1 of 16

    How do you actually know when you're a health junkie?

  • Have Blender, Will Travel 2 of 16

    You travel with a high-speed blender.


    Green monster lovers have been known to travel with their trusty Vitamix or Blendtec so they can whip up a shake even when they're on the go. Another sign you're a health junkie is that you know what a "green monster" is- it's a smoothie made with spinach, kale, or other green veggie.

  • Words, Words, Words 3 of 16

    You know what AMRAP, WOD, DOMS, and fartlek mean.


    Psst... need a cheat sheet? Here you go: 

    AMRAP: "as many rounds/reps as possible" (For example, do as many push ups as you can in 1 minute.)

    WOD: Workout of the day, often used to describe CrossFit workouts.

    DOMS: Delayed onset muscle soreness, when it hurts so good it waits a day or two to kick in.

    Fartlek is the combination of interval training and continuous training, typically used for running. It comes from the Swedish word for "speed play".

  • Decisions 4 of 16

    You swap out your heels for a pair of running shoes so your suitcase will close.


    Who needs heels when you can go for a run?

  • Workout Gear 5 of 16

    Your suitcase is packed with more workout gear than regular clothes.


    Darn those carry-on baggage rules!

  • Squash Fiend 6 of 16

    You find yourself binge-eating spaghetti squash.


    The squash that looks and almost tastes like pasta but is mostly water, spaghetti squash is a carb-hater's best friend. 

  • Ch-ch-ch-chia 7 of 16

    You know what chia seeds are for ... besides growing them on ceramic heads.


    Once only known for their ability to magically sprout hair on a piece of head-shaped pottery, chia pack a big nutrition punch. Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, can be used as a natural energy gel, make a great substitute for eggs in baking, and provide a whopping dose of fiber.

  • Coco-Nuts 8 of 16

    You know 26 uses for coconut oil.


     If you're wondering what you could possibly do with coconut oil, here are just a few of its many uses:

    - Butter substitute in baking

    - Coffee creamer

    - Moisturizer and lip balm

    - Conditioner for your hair

    - Toothpaste

    - Diaper rash cream

  • Rise and Shine 9 of 16

    You'd willingly trade in a night on the town for an early-morning run.


    Late night drinks with the girls are no match for a sunrise 10-miler.

  • And Eat it Too 10 of 16

    You willingly pass up cake or ice cream in favor of a plate of "nature's dessert."


    Fresh fruit is as close to sugar as you get.

  • Yuck! 11 of 16

    You say, "No, seriously, it tastes better than it looks." Repeatedly.


    And you mean it.

  • Map it Out 12 of 16

    You map out the nearest Whole Foods Market every time you visit a new city.


    Lest you be caught without access to your funny-sounding ingredients, gluten-free crackers, and matcha tea.

  • You Ordered What? 13 of 16

    Your friends stare in disbelief when you order French fries.


    Oh the horror! Not fried food!

  • Swap This 14 of 16

    It takes you 20 minutes to thoroughly confuse the waiter as you custom-order something not remotely related to what's on the restaurant menu!


    Minus the Alfredo sauce, extra broccoli, and dressing on the side, of course.

  • Bag O’ Health 15 of 16

    When the grocery store clerk says your purchase looks like a food pyramid.


    Vegetables, fruit, more vegetables. Some protein. More veggies.

  • Weirdo 16 of 16

    Your friends think the food you eat is "weird."


    Kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and okra "fries" are totally normal things to eat on a daily basis.

Thanks to some of my health nut friends for the help compiling the post!



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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