16 Pinners to Follow for Healthy Eating Inspiration

If you haven’t already noticed, Pinterest has exploded in the recent months. What I once thought was a weird online bulletin board to save pictures of other people’s impeccably decorated homes that I could never mimic, is actually a fantastic tool when it comes to health and wellness.

Part of the difficulty with healthy eating is that it’s hard to keep it up every single day, day after day after day. Boredom over the same foods and lack of inspiration for new recipes makes it even more difficult. That’s where Pinterest comes in: It’s a fantastic resource for finding new ideas, recipes, and tips all in one place. The best part is that it’s visually driven. If you see something that looks like it tastes good, you can save it on your own board to remember for later. It’s not like poring over lists of ingredients in black and white text.

Pinterest can undoubtedly be overwhelming at first, but here are a few pinners that are consistently posting inspiring healthy eats to get you started.

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    These 16 pinners are sure to help lead you in the right direction on the way to healthier living.

  • Once a Month Mom 2 of 17
    once a month mom pins

    Pinner: Once a Month Mom

    Follow if: You like clearly laid-out menu plans and shopping lists, as well as batch cooking ahead of time for easy-prep meals during the week. Also great if you're feeding a family with food allergies or following special diets.

    Once a Month Mom specializes in creating menus for all different types of diets that have one thing in common: you cook once and have food for a month. If I could just clean out some space in my freezer, I'd be totally on board for this strategy.

    Favorite boards: Whole Foods August 2013, Gluten Free Dairy Free August 2013, Vegetarian Freezer Meals, Paleo Freezer Meals, Back to School Freezer Meals

    Pin Highlights: Shredded Beef Tacos with Avocado and Lime, Homemade Pop Tarts, Tacos in a Sleeping Bag

  • Skinny Ms. 3 of 17
    skinny ms pins

    Pinner: Skinny Ms.

    Follow if: You want tons of ideas to please all kinds of people, plus easy, no fuss recipes.

    The Skinny Ms mission is to empower you to make healthy choices. Their collection of pins reflects just that: tricks, tips, and low-cal recipes.

    Favorite boards: Healthy Food Fast, Superfoods, 5 Ingredients or Less, Skinny Slow Cooker

    Pin Highlights: Salad with cherries and jalapenos, baked zucchini chips, burritos in a jar

  • Oh My Veggies 4 of 17
    oh my veggies pins

    Pinner: Oh My Veggies

    Follow if: You love all things veggie -- from vegetarian to vegan, decadent to simple.

    Oh My Veggies is a vegetarian blog dedicated to cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients. I love her motto: "When your food tastes good, you focus on what's on your plate, not what's missing from it!"

    Favorite boards: Vegetarian Sandwiches, Summer Recipes, Vegetarian Cooking

    Pin Highlights: Buffalo Chickpea Quinoa Burgers, Summer Squash Tartines, Tofu Banh Mi

  • Leah Segedie 5 of 17
    bookieboo pins

    Pinner: Leah Segedie

    Follow if: You support GMO-free ingredients, organic foods, and enjoy learning about food and nutrition.

    Leah is the leader and founder of Mamavation, an online weight loss support community that focuses on moms. Leah is passionate about where her food comes from and all the secret ingredients lurking in our food supply. We're both moms of allergy babies, so I can definitely relate to her! You can be sure her pins reflect her high standards.

    Favorite boards: Label GMOs, Food School, Bento Lunchboxes

    Pin Highlights: Flavored Water, Benefits of Olive Oil, Fishy Bento

  • Bite Size Wellness 6 of 17
    bite size wellness pins

    Pinner: Bite Size Wellness

    Follow if: You like easy-to-follow healthy tips in small doses.

    Bite Size Wellness knows we all lead busy, chaotic lives. Their mission is to provide important bits of health information in tiny bites that are easy to swallow. I love the mix of health tips, recipes, and fitness info on the BSW pinboard.

    Favorite boards: Refreshing Delights, Wellbitten Wellness Tips, Breakfast Bonanza

    Pin Highlights:  Frozen Grapes, Blueberry & Orange Pops , Coconut Raspberry Waffles

  • Trish O’Keefe, RD 7 of 17

    Pinner: Trish O'Keefe, RD

    Follow if: You have a passion for nutrition and healthy eating, from adults to kids and everyone in between.

    Trish is a dietitian with a fabulous approach to diet: "Eat like your future matters!" I love how simple and to the point it is- while being absolutely true. Trish's pins are full of great recipe inspiration. She's also the founder of Sprout'd, for all things plant-based diet.

    Favorite boards: Natural Nutrition, Savory RecipesDip and Sauce Recipes, plus a bunch of great group boards 

    Pin Highlights:

  • Leanne Vogel 8 of 17

    Pinner: Leanne Vogel

    Follow if: You're into holistic-y health and like experimenting with creative recipes, from raw to gluten free, and everything in between.

    Leanne is a master of creating and collecting recipes that are "free" of things- sometimes gluten, sometimes dairy, sometimes both or more. I love that her end results don't even have you noticing something's missing and she's got a great eye for finding recipes to pin.

    Favorite boards: Health Tips and Tricks, Kitchen Tricks, Healthy Dinner Recipes

    Pin Highlights:

  • The Lean Green Bean 9 of 17

    Pinner: The Lean Green Bean

    Follow if: You don't like to follow a specific diet all the time, but like to pull inspiration from a variety of foodie styles like vegetarian and paleo.

    Lindsay is a new RD with all the wisdom of someone who's been practicing for years. She comes up with great, easy recipes and is an absolute inspiration for meal planning and prepping a week's worth of meals at a time.

    Favorite boards: Vegetarian Deliciousness, Healthy Breakfasts, Lunch Inspiration

    Pin Highlights:

  • Sarah Hoffman 10 of 17

    Pinner: Sarah Hoffman

    Follow if: You are interested in gut-health (and all that good digestion-stuff) and eating dairy or gluten free.

    Sarah is a fabulous resource for learning how our digestive system really impacts our health. She tracks down recipes that fit a gut-healthy lifestyle that the whole family can enjoy, regardless of diet preference. I love that she eliminates foods for specific health reasons, not because of fads or trends.

    Favorite boards: Cooking with Colitis, Life Unprocessed, Nil Sugar

    Pin Highlights:

  • Heather Neal 11 of 17

    Pinner: with a Side of Sneakers

    Follow if: You like eating "real" food, have allergies, or want to learn about how food affects your health.

    Food is about more than just health- it's about enjoyment too. Those two roads merge on this pinboard.

    Favorite boards: Fooducation, Food Lovers Unite, Allergy Friendly Food, Vegan-licious

    Pin Highlights:

  • Purely Twins 12 of 17

    Pinner: Purely Twins

    Follow if: You like healthy baking and sometimes using funky ingredients.

    I love the crazy combinations these twin sisters come up with to replace ingredients like gluten and dairy in some of their recipes. It's a great way to learn about different types of foods and how they can be substituted. While I'm sometimes intimidated by the ingredient list, I'm always coming back to look at more.

    Favorite boards: Grain Free, Raw Desserts, Donuts

    Pin Highlights:

  • Ashley McLaughin 13 of 17

    Pinner: Ashley McLaughlin

    Follow if: You like delicious yet healthy recipes, including donuts and bread.

    Ashley is a great recipe creator and a fabulous food photography. Just scrolling through her photos makes me start salivating. She's about to publish a book all about grain-free donuts- how can you not get on board with that?!

    Favorite boards: recipes {health treats}, recipes {bready}, recipes {drinks}

    Pin Highlights:

  • MSPI Mama 14 of 17

    Pinner: MSPI Mama

    Follow if: You have a little one with allergies or MSPI- milk soy protein intolerance.

    MSPI is all too common among infants. It can be the cause of what people dub colic, infant reflux, fussiness, gas, and more. By eliminating soy and dairy from the diet, these symptoms can go away. Breastfeeding moms are often forced to eliminate these foods from their diet as well. That's where MSPI Mama's hand-selected recipes come in- a great resource for desperate mommas!

    Favorite boards: MSPI Friendly Main Dishes, MSPI-Friendly Tips & Tricks 

    Pin Highlights:

  • Kathy Hester 15 of 17

    Pinner: Kathy Hester

    Follow if: You like vegan cooking and recipe inspiration.

    Kathy is a vegan cookbook author, such as Vegan Friendly Disney. She makes vegan food easy. 

    Favorite boards: Vegan Slow CookerVegan Recipes I Must Make

    Pin Highlights:

  • Brittany Mullins 16 of 17

    Pinner: Brittany Mullins

    Follow if: You like eating healthy but keeping it real at the same time.

    Brittany knows how to fit healthy foods into every day life without making it seem like she's taking extra effort to be healthy. I love seeing what she picks to pin.

    Favorite boards: Treats (mostly healthy), Healthy Meals I Want to Make

    Pin Highlights:

  • Caitlin Grams 17 of 17

    Pinner: Caitlin Grams

    Follow if: You like clean eating, healthy foods that aren't dull or boring.

    "Clean eating" can easily translate to "boring and repetitious". but Caitlin shows that doesn't have to be the case. 

    Favorite boards: Healthy Eats

    Pin Highlights:

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