24 Fabulous and Fierce Fall Workouts

It’s really easy to fall off the exercise train as the weather turns cooler and our schedules get busier and busier with back-to-school mayhem and the general chaos of daily life. Instead of letting your workout routine take a backseat, try one of these workouts that you can squeeze in throughout the day or in a quick gym session. Most of the workouts are fast and furious, giving you a big bang for your workout buck. From cardio to strength training and a combo of both, you’re sure to find a new favorite in one of these great exercise routines. Just to be fair up front, burpees are in this fall. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(Don’t forget to be smart about working out -make sure your doc gives you the ok and you start small and work your way up. No injuries allowed!)

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    fall workouts

    Get ready, get set, SWEAT!!

  • 4 for Fall 2 of 25

    The cool weather that inevitably comes with fall can be a bummer if it means you have to take your runs inside, but bust the boredom with one of these invigorating treadmill workouts from Fit Fab Cities.

  • Game Plan 3 of 25

    You can't deny sitting in front of the TV for several hours while watching the game. Burn off the game day eats and beers with this simple yet touch game day workout from Run Pretty Blog.

  • Back to School Workout 4 of 25

    Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I'm not a fool. Love me some Billy Madison. Do not love me some hectic back to school chaos. Ease the stress and squeeze in a workout despite a busy schedule with this fast and furious workout from Bonnie Lang Fitness.

  • Beat the Blues 5 of 25

    Beat the "I'm stuck inside on cold and rainy fall days" blues with this heart-pumping, muscle-burning workout from Crazy Running Girl. It's sure to turn that frown upside down.

  • Circuit Training 6 of 25

    Circuit training is a great way to keep your heart rate and blast away even more calories. This circuit workout from Girls Guide to will have your muscles quivering and lungs pounding.

  • Butts and Guts 7 of 25

    Just because we're not showing a lot of skin in the fall doesn't mean we shouldn't still keep in tip-top shape. These moves from Fit Fab Cities will keep you tight and toned in the core and rear, making those skinny jeans look great all season long.

  • Time Saver 8 of 25

    Everybody is always hunting for more time. More time to sleep, more time to clean, more time to play, more time to work out. Cross finding time to work out off your list with this time-saving workout from WHOLEistically Fit. It may look easy here, but it'll get the job done -trust me!

  • Upper Body Meltdown 9 of 25

    Hopefully fall is mild enough this year to keep wearing t-shirts at least a little longer, at least with jeans, boots, or a scarf. Show off those strong arms and shoulders with this upper body blaster from My Fit Station.

  • Biceps, Triceps, and Shoulders 10 of 25

    Sometimes we focus so much on cardio and burning calories we forget about strength training. Not only is strength training important, it's a serious calorie blaster! Try this 4-set routine from Fit n Cookies.

  • The 20s 11 of 25

    Do a little bit of everything with this fun workout from Strength and Sunshine. Do the bonus round and really feel the burn as you finish this booty-busting workout. 

  • Defying Gravity 12 of 25

    From Best Body Fitness, this weight lifting routine will not only get the Defying Gravity song stuck in your head, it'll get your arms aching and your shoulders shaking -the sign of a great workout.

  • Burpees Everywhere 13 of 25

    Burpees: love 'em or hate 'em, they're the all-time full-body workout. Give yourself a real challenge with this creative twist on plain-old burpees from Bonnie Lang Fitness.

  • Super Burpees 14 of 25

    I told you you'd see a lot of burpees here - might as well get on board now! This burpee routine from Lifting Revolution breaks down each part of a burpee, which is great for improving your form, technique, and strength. 

  • Buck Furpees 15 of 25

    As if burpees alone weren't enough, this workout from Lindsay's List adds fun (and tough!) moves in between. Give this routine a try next time you feel like kicking some serious booty - your own!

  • Killer Kardio 16 of 25

    Take a break from your usual steady-state cardio routine like running or biking and mix things up with this killer cardio circuit from Back on Pointe. From star jumps to speed skaters, you'll be huffing and puffing in no time, no matter how in shape you are.

  • You Gotta Tabata 17 of 25

    And you gotta love this routine from Lindsay's List. It's only 4 minutes long and completely efficient. Next time you find yourself shorting out on workout time, squeeze this one in to your day. Fit it in a couple times through out the day and you'll have a seriously good muscle burn by the time night rolls around.

  • Full Body Circuit 18 of 25

    This full body circuit from Carrots 'n Cake combines calisthenics bursts of cardio, the perfect way to cut down on your workout time without cutting down on your workout benefits.

  • Life’s a Bench 19 of 25

    Pull up a seat -but don't sit down! Grab some weights and give this bench workout from Best Body Fitness a try. Not only does it work large muscle groups, it hits the smaller ones too, which you may forget on your own if you're in a hurry. If you think the sit-n-stands look easy, think again!

  • Run and Row 20 of 25

    I love this combo of treadmill and body weight moves from She Rocks Fitness. The rowing machine bits at the end are a great full-body finish to an already great workout. 

  • No Excuses 21 of 25

    Seriously, ditch the excuses. With this 10 minute workout from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life even the busiest of days doesn't also have to be the laziest.

  • Shredded Shoulders 22 of 25

    Sitting inside at a desk or on the couch can really do a number on your posture. Keep your shoulders from rolling forward with this super shredded workout from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life -it's all about the shoulders!

  • Stroller Workout 23 of 25

    Next time you finish a stroller run (or need to take a break in the middle) don't put the stroller away just quite yet. Before wrapping up your workout try this stroller strength circuit from Mom's Little Running Buddy. It's a great way to include your little ones in every part of your routine, not just the run. 

  • All Over Bodyweight 24 of 25

    Cover ever inch of muscle in your body with this all-over circuit workout from Back on Pointe. If you're short on time, do each section as you take a break from other activities in your day. All those little sessions add up by the day's end.

  • Crossfit Abs 25 of 25

    See how long it takes you to do this cardio-filled ab workout from Eat Watch Run. Jot your time down and repeat the workout again down the road. Compare your times and see how much you've improved!

Follow the links to learn more about each workout and the moves they include.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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