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No matter how you slice it, switching to a healthier diet, complete with organic produce and antibiotic-free meats, is more expensive. Because money doesn’t grow on trees, and I can only rearrange the budget so much to account for rising food costs, I’ve learned to always be on the hunt for deals, and in return, I usually find low prices on prized health foods in the most unexpected places. I’ve found raw, organic coconut sugar at Home Goods, and just last week I bought 13 pounds of all natural, grass-fed beef from Overstock. When you have a keen eye, you’ll be amazed at where you’ll start finding the craziest deals on good food. Our neighborhood bulk warehouse store is no exception, and my readers are always shocked at the carts of good, healthy food I bring home.

Shopping for the best deals at these big warehouses is a little bit of an art form and takes some persistence. But after some practice, I’ve nailed down some of our grocery staples that I’ll only buy from our local warehouse store because they’re that much cheaper. If your local warehouse store doesn’t carry a large selection of health or organic foods, speak up and make requests from the store manager. They are amazingly receptive to feedback and, in most cases, will special order items in for their customers. And with the rising “trend” of eating a healthier diet, these bulk warehouses want to make sure they get a piece of the profit.

5 Healthy and Organic Foods to Buy in Bulk:

1. Foods with a long shelf life

Pantry staples like organic peanut butter, organic pasta, and drinks are all worthwhile investments because even though you may not go through them quickly, they have an extended expiration date of at least a year or more and don’t necessarily need harmful preservatives or additives to give them an extended shelf life.

2. Whole grains

From organic bread, which can be frozen, to packages of organic brown rice, quinoa, and even flax seed meal,  bulk warehouses are finding it beneficial to offer their consumers additional food selection besides their standard enriched starches. The popularity of whole grains continues to rise, as more consumers understand the benefits of making the switch. In fact some would go as far to say that ditching the white bread and pasta for whole wheat and other whole grains  is the single most important dietary change you can make. Luckily whole grains are easily packaged, making them an easy bulk warehouse staple.

3. Cooking essentials

One of the first areas of change we made in our diets was getting away from refined sugars and potentially harmful cooking oils and switching to more wholesome ingredients like organic maple syrup, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil. It has been one of the easiest changes to make as well, and our food generally comes out more delicious because of it. Eggs cooked in coconut oil have a nutty flavor that is irreplaceable, and baked goods made with grass-fed butter and organic maple syrup aren’t only more healthful, but also taste richer and more flavorful. Luckily our local warehouse store carries jugs of maple syrup and huge vats of unrefined coconut oil, which has a very long shelf life, and they also have the best price on our favorite grass-fed butter, which I use for almost everything so it never has a chance to go bad! When you cook at home a lot, stocking up on huge containers of cooking essentials is not only cheaper, but it’s more efficient too, saving me multiple trips to the market.

4. Frozen foods

While our local warehouse store is still working on their frozen foods selection, they at least have some freezer essentials that our family goes through on a consistent basis, including: frozen packets of organic brown rice (for nights when we’re in a rush), organic frozen fruit (perfect for making breakfast smoothies), and a small selection of wild caught frozen fish. Because we only have one fridge/freezer, I have to make sure not to buy too much, as the packages are bulky and take up a lot of space. But things like fruit and rice are quick to use and make our lives so much easier to have on hand, plus I save almost 50 percent when I buy in bulk.

5. Lunchbox snacks

This is by far the most exciting and fun area for us to shop in because the selection of organic and more health-focused snacks at our warehouse store is incredible and the cost savings is quite substantial. While snack food is still snack food, whether it’s organic or not, these snack items are typically made with more healthful and simple ingredients, including whole grains, natural sugars, expeller pressed oils, and virtually zero chemical additives or preservatives. Many of the snack foods we pick up for lunches have very few ingredients as well, making label reading easy and convenient to decipher. We regularly pick up potato chips, apple chips, packets of seaweed and popcorn, and snack cookies for the occasional treat. With the amazing selection, my kids rarely ever miss their old junk food standbys.

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