50 Really IS the New 20: The Perfect Age for Women

the perfect age is 53
My mom and I at 27 and 53 … who has it better? Apparently she does! Photo credit: Heather Neal

18? 21? 25?

How about 30? 30’s the new 20 after all.

Nope. It’s not even 40.

If you’re a woman, it’s 53.

Why? Therapist Robi Ludwig says, “This is really developmentally the time of life that women plug into themselves and respect themselves, listen to their own voice, and develop their own voice, so it makes perfect sense that they would really feel good, because they’re doing that.”

Maybe the old adage is true, older really is wiser. By the time you’ve hit your 50s, chances are you’ve gotten a lot of things out of your system and learned plenty of things about yourself in the process. You don’t have to do things because you want to impress your friends. Chances are you have a steady job; hopefully one you like. You’ve likely gotten past the stressful early years of parenthood and middle of the night wake-ups; you may even have an empty nest. The lure of retirement may even be in sight.

A poll by Harris Interactive of 2,242 adults revealed that 53 was the best age for women based on a number of factors. It falls between the average hope for children to move out by the time mom is 45 and the desire to retire by 61. Interestingly enough most people think 28 is the perfect age to have your first child I was just shy of hitting a perfect score here; I was 27.

53 is actually the best age for women on the East Coast. The number was 51 in the South, 50 in the Midwest, and 47 in the West. Those with kids tend to lean towards 47 being the perfect age, and those without edge toward 53.

Curious about the perfect age for men? 47. If you want to generalize between sexes, 50 is the perfect age, still surprising considering 10 years ago the perfect age was about 41 for women.

So who’s the “perfect age”? Try Marc Jacobs, Vanessa Williams, and Lisa Kudrow, according to Time. Not a shabby group, huh?

Not surprisingly, an unofficial poll on my Facebook page didn’t yield the same results; that came out closer to 21. Perhaps that’s because most of my social media friends are in their 20s.

I guess the best is still yet to come, although I can’t imagine wanting my 20 month old to move out of the house … yet!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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