7 Fabulous Fusion Workouts to Spice Up Your Routine

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what workout to do. Do you stay home and do your favorite Pilates DVD, or go to the gym and take your favorite boxing class? Do you go for a hike or stay in and do yoga? Or maybe part of you feels like meditation while the other part feels like cranking up your favorite tunes and channeling your inner pop diva in your living room. These days, thanks to an abundance of fusion workouts being available, you don’t have to choose!

Thanks to passionate and creative fitness professionals, more and more fusion workouts are hitting the market all the time. So if you’re bored with your standard routine or looking to spice things up for your New Year’s resolutions in 2014, check out some of these fabulous fusion workouts that marry old favorites to create new fitness routines — and are anything but boring!

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    These 7 fusion workouts won't make you pick and choose between your two favorite routines!

  • Piloxing 2 of 8

    When I first heard of Piloxing, a fusion of Pilates and boxing, I wasn't sure how it was possible. But Viveca Jensen, the mastermind behind the creation, makes it work while making you sweat. You somehow find yourself wearing weighted gloves, and doing your standard boxing punches and fancy boxing footwork while taking active recovery breaks for Pilates-inspired toning moves and balance and core work. If you've ever wanted to add some punch to your Pilates, try Piloxing!


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  • Yoga Dance 3 of 8

    If holding downward dog bores you to tears but you love the strength, flexibility and balance benefits of yoga, look no further than the fusion of yoga and dance. So many yoga/dance fusion classes are offered around the country, and options like Yoga Booty Ballet bring yoga and dance into your home. Studios like Expressive Yoga Dance in Las Vega offers Expressive Yoga classes that encourage creative movement and a wide range of rhythmic movements. This particular class is known as being noisy because letting go of inhibitions is encouraged — not your typical yoga class!


    You can find yoga dance classes everywhere, but you can also look for aerial classes that combine yoga and aerial dance. These classes, like one at Jivamukti Yoga Center in Jersey City, N.J., use an aerial yoga hammock that is made from a soft fabric strong enough to support your body weight (and then some). The hammock helps you align your body in a variety of yoga postures as well as to experience inversions without any compression on the spine.


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  • Kettlebell TRX Conditioning 4 of 8

    The TRX suspension training system and kettle bells are both great workouts on their own. But combine them and you get one hard-core fusion workout that will build your strength, conditioning, mobility, stability and balance in one workout. TRX kettle bell fusion classes are offered around the country, so see if one is in your neck of the woods, or simply try an online workout if you've got the equipment on hand.


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  • Dance Walking 5 of 8

    Have you ever been running or walking while listening to music, your favorite song comes on, and it takes everything in your power not to break out your best Britney Spears dance moves to the beat? Yeah, it's happened to me, but if you jump on the Dance Walking or Prancercise movements, you won't have to hold back. Prancercise and Dance Walking both take walking up to a much more entertaining level; I'd love it if the actual "workouts" caught on like the online videos have. Whether you're brave enough to break into song and dance the street or not, you'll wish you had a group of friends who would take the streets of NYC while dancing to pop music.


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  • Cycling Fusion Workouts 6 of 8

    I've only taken one cycling class in my life. It was something I wanted to try, but I didn't feel the need to go back. It's not that I hated it, but an hour of doing anything is a lot — I'd rather mix it up a bit if I've got an hour to work out. But luckily, there are all kinds of interesting cycling classes popping up that get you off the bike and spice up the cycle time. SoulCycle (pictured) is touted as a full-body workout, not just one that will leave your lower body jiggly for hours. The use of hand weights makes sure you don't neglect the upper body. One fitness center in Montana offers a Cycle Bootcamp, which mixes classic cycling sprints, hills and endurance with full-body moves and plyometrics off the bike to condition your whole body. Talk about one-stop shopping! See if your gym offers a cycle class like this, or request that they do!


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  • Slimnastics 7 of 8

    If you're a former gymnast or cheerleader, there are workout options for you via DVD! Fitness professional Nikki Glor created a Slimnastics workout, which is a boot camp meets yoga with an infusion of cheerleading and gymnastics-style balancing, strength and cardio moves, with plyometric cardio intervals that require no equipment other than your body weight. The plyometric cardio intervals will have you remembering your glory days as a cheerleader or gymnast — except it'll likely feel much harder these days! Nikki recreated the intense cardio jumping routines and the toning from pyramids and "partner stunting" in college cheerleading, and combined it with what she learned as a yogi, boot camp trainer, and group fitness instructor for a fun fusion workout. 


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  • Yoga Hikes 8 of 8

    I recently discovered that the combination of yoga and hiking exists, and it makes perfect sense. Yoga is an inherently grounding practice that gets you in tune with the world; hiking gets you out in the world itself to enjoy nature. So practicing yoga while on a guided hike? Makes perfect sense to me! Urban and nature hikes are available, like the YogiHiker in Santa Fe, N.M., that takes small groups on 2.5 hour hikes through foothills and mountains and gives participants the opportunity to practice in the beautiful Southwestern scenery. Yoga Hikes DC provides both urban and nature yoga hikes, proving that you don't need to be in the middle of nowhere to hike and get your om on!


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