7 Reasons to Give Spinning Class a Try

For the past few months two of my girlfriends had been trying to encourage me to attend their spinning class. I was reluctant, however, since the bicycle was never my go-to cardio at the gym. In fact, I don’t think I had ridden a bicycle since childhood. In the past couple of weeks I have grown frustrated and a little bored with running, so the idea of trying the spin class began to grow on me, even though I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get through the entire hour.

Just a few classes later, I am absolutely hooked. If you have ever been hesitant to give spinning a try, here are 7 reasons to take a spin class:

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  • Less impact on the body 2 of 8

    Running is hard on your body. Over time that pounding on the pavement can take a toll on joints, ligaments, and muscles. Spinning works the muscles without overloading them, due to the change in body position and resistance during the class. It is known as a low-impact cardio exercise, so it is easier on your joints. Do not let the word "low-Impact" fool you though. You will still get a great workout.

    You may feel some soreness on your butt from the seat at first. Everyone told me that it is completely normal and will go away. After just a few spinning classes it is no longer an issue. Most places will have a gel cushion available to borrow or to purchase. Don't forget to use it!

  • It accommodates all levels 3 of 8

    People of all levels can come to spin class, without anyone getting left behind or left out. Frankly, I was nervous that I would feel silly if I could not keep up, but that is not the case at all. You control the resistance on your bike and how fast to pedal. Nobody else even knows what resistance you are working at.

    There are people of all ages, sizes, and skill levels together in one class. Plus, if you do have to modify your workout it does not affect anyone else in the room. Your instructor will guide the entire class through the workout and encourage you all the way.

  • No choreography 4 of 8

    Long ago I stopped doing rhythmic classes like aerobics or Zumba. I feel like I am always one step off, going to the left when everyone else is headed to the right. Feeling insecure during a workout defeats the point. A workout should feel exhausting yet empowering. Spinning is done in a class setting but it does not include complex dance moves or choreography. (Whew!)

  • Weather is not a factor 5 of 8

    Though I love running, I hate being out there in cold weather and refuse to run in the rain for fear of injury. On days when weather is an issue, an indoor class will still get you moving. Some of us also need motivation on days when the weather is lousy and we would prefer to be under the covers instead of working out, so attending a scheduled class is a great motivator.

    Plus, spinning class gives the same benefits of a bike ride without the worry about being in a high-traffic area. My instructor said that spin bikes have a weighted flywheel in the front which picks up speed as you pedal, so you feel like you are riding on a bike made for the road.

  • The vibe is awesome 6 of 8

    Running alone on a treadmill or outdoors lately has left me a little bored, which may be the reason for my plateau. Spin class is a positive environment, and the energy you get from the instructor and the other participants in the class is really motivating. That atmosphere makes the time fly by before you know it.

  • The workout is great 7 of 8

    Spinning is fun! Part of the reason I had been hesitant before was from not really understanding the variety of exercises that can be done while a person is clipped in to a bicycle. Those instructors can really change it up though, giving you a great workout that goes by in a flash. You will work up a good sweat in spin class, so don't forget to have water and a towel handy!

  • The energy stays with you 8 of 8

    Have you ever had a hard workout or even a really long day, when your body feels like lead and all you want to do is crash on the sofa? Lately running has zapped all my energy, but I have found that spinning leaves me feeling lighter and gives me an extra boost of energy. Who couldn't use a little extra energy to get through the day?



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