8 Fabulous Fitness Role Models for Moms

As you may have seen in the media over the past few weeks, a fitness blogger recently posted a picture of her well-toned self and her three kids with a caption that reads, “What’s Your Excuse?”  She claimed that her intention was to say that if she can do it with her three kids, everyone else can do it too.

Because that’s how it works, right?

Whatever you think of her post or whether you believe that her intentions were genuine, my general feeling is that role models do not typically announce themselves as role models. Instead, they simply lead by example.

Then again, she did land herself on a gazillion interviews because of that post, so maybe it’s just me.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about that whole controversy. She has two daughters, and our conversation moved onto how few female role models there are in pop culture for girls to look up to right now. When it comes to fitness, at least there are a few great role models for us moms. They are mothers with realistic bodies and high-profile, time-consuming careers who still make a strong effort to put fitness on their priority list. Here are 8 fabulous fitness role models for moms (and for all women, for that matter):

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    8 Fabulous Fitness Role Models for Moms

    These ladies are sure to inspire. Click through to see them all!

  • Alison Sweeney 2 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Alison Sweeney

    Come on! Of course, Alison Sweeney had to be first on this list. She is the ultimate fitness role model for busy moms. She is an actress, TV show host, author, and mother of two. She has been on countless magazine covers documenting her fitness journey. Plus, we love that she has a real body that she optimized to the Nth degree through hard work, healthy eating, and dedication.


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  • Michelle Obama 3 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Michelle Obama

    The woman who can probably out push-up us all, she has brought wellness into the White House and beyond. Even with her busy schedule, she makes time to get in those intense workouts. You do not get those muscular arms by lifting potato chips, people.


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  • Pink 4 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Pink

    There are six pack abs, and then there the abs on Pink. Watch out because her six pack might just be made of steel. Last year she told Shape magazine that she does at least an hour of either cardio or yoga six days a week.


  • Jennifer Hudson 5 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson started her weight loss journey through her affiliation with Weight Watchers, but no weight loss program can be a success if your head is not in the game. (Yes, even if you are getting paid, you still have to want it bad enough.) Since 2010, she has reportedly lost 80 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6. We love that she still indulges in her favorite snack, chocolate chip cookies. While she enjoys running on the treadmill, she is not half-bad at basketball, either!


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  • Katie Couric 6 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Katie Couric

    Katie Couric  is one busy lady, but she still has time to keep a healthy lifestyle. Between pilates, spinning and sculpting those gorgeous arms, Katie is the epitome of grace under pressure.


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  • Kirsten Gillibrand 7 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

    Kirsten Gillibrand lost 40 pounds of pregnancy weight while serving as a U.S. Senator from New York. Here is a woman who can advocate for the STOCK Act (which bans insider trading by Congress members), who can also run on most mornings and play tennis or squash regularly. Oh, and she was the pitcher for the bipartisan Congressional women's softball team. Not too shabby.


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  • Natalie Morales 8 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Natalie Morales

    Natalie Morales has done marathons, triathlons, and even run up the steps to the Empire State Building. The gorgeous mom of two boys is not only the co-host of NBC's Today Show, but she also contributes to the network's Rock Center, Dateline and Nightly News. She is one of those people who can accomplish more by 10 in the morning than most of us do all day. Yet she still hates burpees.


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  • Madonna 9 of 9
    Fitness Role Models: Madonna

    Let's talk about Madonna. She is 54. She is the best-selling female artist of all time. She has a reputation for being exceptionally disciplined. She recently launched a series of workout videos. And she looks like that. Need we say more?

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