8 Things I Learned When I Gave Up Wine o’Clock

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Look I’ve been there. It’s 3:58 PM, and you tell yourself 4 PM is a reasonable time to have a glass of wine because OMG what a day. Your toddler drew on the wall, the cable got shut off because you forgot to pay the bill, your freelance article came back with major line edits — long story short, you could use a break. A boozy break.

You rationalize that you’re not driving for the rest of the evening, and your kid seems pretty occupied with TV and toys.

And so it begins …. and then again on Tuesday … and now it’s Wednesday so you congratulate yourself on making it halfway through the week with a glass of pinot. Soon you’re drinking every, single day and telling yourself it’s fine.

I was there. Until finally, I decided to cut wine o’clock from my daily schedule. Here’s what I learned.

1. Wine is empty calories.

I lost 5 lbs. like *that*!

2. Vino is expensive.

Where did all this extra cash come from? Oh, I’m not buying Trader Joe’s wine every other day.

3. It’s alcohol, guys.

Wine o’clock was starting to turn into my go-to daily pick-me-up. My toddler pooped on the rug, instead of the potty? I deserve a glass. I forgot to pay the phone bill? Crap, a glass will take the edge off. It can easily turn into a slippery slope. 

4. There’s so much more time.

Wine o’clock coincided with letting my kid play blocks while I sunk into the couch with a glass or two. Suddenly I nixed the wine and BAM! — lunch for tomorrow was packed, laundry was folded, and I just helped my kid build the coolest block tower ever.

5. Mocktails actually taste pretty awesome.

Cranberry, seltzer, and a lime wedge garnish? Yes, please. And hey, my kid could even have a glass, too.

6. There are other things to look forward to.

A cookout with my girlfriends, story-time at the library, a pottery class with my kiddo. Bottom line: it was easy to find things to fill in that wine o’clock hour.

7. I’m a better role model to my kid now.

Instead of letting my kid see me drink a glass of wine every night, I munch on veggies or popcorn or go outside with him and kick a ball. These healthier choices are much better for my son to see every day than my glass of “mommy’s juice.” 

8. There’s still time for drinks.

Like Date Night! Or Girls’ Night Out! Or when my kid’s tucked in and I’m about to get my Netflix on.

It just doesn’t happen at 4 PM every day now. 

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