8 Expert Tips to Follow on Your Spa Day

There are few things in life as relaxing as a day at the spa. Whether you prefer a massage, a facial, or a body wrap, the right therapeutic massage treatment is the one that best fits your body’s needs and your personal preferences.

Last week I had the luxury of going to the spa, courtesy of a gift card I had received for Mother’s Day. While there I got to chatting with the staff and asked if they could give me a few of the tips and tricks they offer clients who get spa treatments.

Whether you visit the spa frequently or once in a blue moon, here are 8 things to know before you go to the spa, courtesy of your aesthetician:

  • 8 Tips from Your Aesthetician Before You Go to the Spa 1 of 9
    8 Tips
  • Watch what you eat 2 of 9
    Eat lightly

    Try not to eat any heavy meals or consume alcohol. If you can, limit caffeine too. Being too full or too wired might make it difficult to relax and get comfortable.

  • Go lightly 3 of 9
    Eat lightly

    Have something light to eat instead. If you haven't eaten in a while, bring a light snack with you or have a piece of fruit at the spa to bring up your blood sugar following a treatment.

  • Clean up 4 of 9
    Clean up

    Take a warm to hot shower before your massage. Not only is it polite to be clean but the hot water can help open up the muscles. Also, shaving before some spa services could be irritating to the skin, so you consider asking about when to shave when you make your appointment.

  • Stretch it out 5 of 9
    Stretch it out

    It also may be helpful to do some light stretching exercises before a massage, especially if you are sedentary or if you carry heavy things such as computer bags on one shoulder.

  • Get comfortable 6 of 9
    Get comfortable

    If you are too shy to get a massage because you don't want to get undressed, no worries! Simply undress to your comfort level. What's most important is that you feel relaxed. The massage therapist can work around the body based on your preferences.

  • Speak your mind 7 of 9
    Speak your mind

    If the pressure of your massage is too light or too heavy during a massage, say something. Your massage therapist wants to hear from you.  If you give your therapist your preference, he or she typically gauges pressure according to your muscle tension.

  • Take it easy 8 of 9

    Take it easy and don't do anything too strenuous right after spending time at the spa. Otherwise you may find yourself becoming lightheaded.

  • Be open-minded 9 of 9
    Be open-minded

    Even if you are not a typical spa enthusiast, come in ready to receive. Treatments such as facials and massages are therapeutic, not decadent (as one might think). Luckily, if you are ready to receive, they are relaxing too!


Thanks to Susan and Elzene at David J. Witchell Salon & Spa for your terrific insight!

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