8 Workouts to Keep You Warm This Winter

‘Tis the season … for cookies, fudge, eggnog, pie, and more! With Thanksgiving behind us and December showing on the calendar, there’s no denying we’re in the midst of the holiday season. The holiday season where most of us put on at least a pound or two. I’m not one to turn down treats I only get a couple of times a year, especially when it comes to festive holiday drinks, but I also don’t have any interest in carrying that extra pound or so around with me for 2014 and beyond.

There’s one way to help make sure the extra weight stays in 2013: exercise, exercise, exercise. But not boring, long, drawn-out exercise sessions that seem to go on forever. Short, intense, bursts of a good full-body workouts that knock out cardio and strength all in one. I seriously hate to get bored with my workout routine, so I’m all about finding new ones to try.

Here are my picks for the chilly winter when you can’t always trek outside and brave the frigid temps.

  • Winter Workouts 1 of 9

    These eight winter workouts are sure to raise your heart rate and blast away those extra holiday calories. Click through to find one to try today!

  • Stuck Indoors 2 of 9

    Strong Like My Coffee offers up some great suggestions for activities that are easy and fun to do indoors and without a lot of equipment. My favorite option would be a dance party. Anyone else?

  • Winterland Walk 3 of 9

    Tina Reale is one of my favorite personal trainers, and this is just another reason why: walking can be a great workout. You don't have to be a marathoner or an avid Crossfit-er to have an effective workout. Pushing the intensity of your walk can burn a ton of calories too.

  • Heat It Up 4 of 9

    PBFingers knows how to bring it when it comes to circuit workouts. This three-rounder is intense and fun. I love workouts with multiple rounds because it's easier to fit in between toddler wrangling and other mom duties. If I can fit them all in during the same session, that's great, but I know I can squeeze at least three rounds in throughout the day to make an entire workout by bedtime.

  • Total Body 5 of 9

    OK, honestly I can't run a mile right now, but if I could, this workout from fANNEtastic food would be on my to-do list. I'll sub biking on the trainer for running instead. The extra strength workout is an added bonus.

  • Baby It’s Cold Outside 6 of 9

    If you think you have to hit the gym to get an effective workout, My Healthy Happy Home will prove you wrong with this one. It's a high-intensity, calisthenic-filled, heart-pumping workout you can do in your living room. (As long as your living room isn't filled with haphazardly cast-aside Christmas wrapping materials.)

  • Tone It Up 7 of 9

    Another great one from My Healthy Happy Home, this workout is more strength-focused than the previous heart-pumper. All you need is a few weights, but if you don't have any, you can easily sub with some cans or books.

  • Winter Workout 8 of 9

    This workout from SparrowWren is another no-equipment, not-much-space needed workout. This would be a fun one to get the kids involved with, too.

  • Winter Wonder-Body 9 of 9

    Fit Betty's Wonder-Body workout is a tough one. 30 reps of eight exercises, times five rounds — whew! This is a good one to have in your back pocket when you're really feeling the side effects of all those Christmas cookies.


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