9 Fun Ways for the Active Couple to Tie the Knot

The phrase “opposites attract” may have inspired a killer Paula Abdul song, but couples often share similar interests that bring them together. It’s common for people to be drawn together by their hobbies — think meeting your match while in a run club or at spin class. Adventurous people tend to stick with other go-get-‘em types who are always on the move.

If you and your love are both active types — especially if you met doing something you love — why not combine your love for activity, with the love for your partner? Whether you eat and breathe the outdoors, live for your morning run or just love mother nature, you can have active weddings at all ends of the spectrum. Even if you’re just starting to think about the day you tie the knot — or you already have a ring on your finger and just haven’t gotten down to planning details — consider these 9 fun ways for active couples to wed.

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    Read on for 9 ways to get active, get married, and eat cake, too.

  • Las Vegas Marathon 2 of 10

    When you think Vegas, you think quickie weddings. But you can get married on the run — literally — in Sin City during the Rock ‘n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon and ½ Marathon. If you're wanting to elope on the go, mark your calendar for Nov. 13, and pick up your training pace. There will be a run-thru wedding ceremony for those wanting to get hitched or renew their vows. And you don't have to worry about hurting your marathon time too much: Ceremonies only take three minutes! Not up for a long run? This year there's also a "half of a half" — a 6-mile run — that's a little more manageable.

  • Hike To Get Hitched 3 of 10

    If you and your future spouse are avid hikers, pick an amazing hiking destination to get hitched. It can be your favorite hiking spot or a vacation destination; you can invite the family or it can be small and intimate. Yosemite has beautiful wedding destinations for a weekend full of nature and hiking and love-filled fun. You can get hitched at the top of Half Dome. Heck, you can get hitched while you're climbing Half Dome like this couple did. There are options for getting hitched at the top of Pike's Peak, in the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park, among many destinations.

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  • Underwater Love 4 of 10

    If you're lovers of underwater adventure, you can swap vows while you're scuba diving. Companies offer underwater weddings that will let you take in the turtles and stingrays while you get married.

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  • Jump For Joy 5 of 10

    Whether you're an avid skydiver or a first timer, you can incorporate adventure into your wedding day with a big leap of faith. Swap vows before you jump, or get hitched right afterwards. Either way, your adrenaline will be revved, and it'll make the wedding part seem like no big deal in comparison!

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  • Marathon In Paradise 6 of 10

    Vegas not your style for marathon-wedding fun? Try the Southernmost Marathon and Half Marathon in Key West. The Oct. 12 event takes you to the southernmost island in the United States, so you can see breathtaking ocean views while you run. What better time to get married on a beach, than before or after an endurance event in an amazing locale?

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  • Surf’s Up 7 of 10

    If you and your honey are avid surfers, take your ceremony to the sea. It's possible to get hitched while you're riding the waves, in Hawaii and elsewhere. Just make sure you have an officiant who isn't afraid of the water. If you don't want to get wet, have surfboards take center stage at your wedding. 

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  • Mountain Nuptials 8 of 10

    If you and your little bunny-love are actual snow bunnies, take your skis or snowboards to the top of your favorite mountain and get hitched before you ski or board down. The best part besides being married will be the hot toddies waiting for you at the bottom!

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  • Saddle Up 9 of 10

    If you share a mutual love of horseback riding and adventure, head to some horses and get hitched up! Whether you're in the mountains or by the sea, the combination of beautiful scenery, horses, and vows make for a great adventure for vow swapping.

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  • Soul Mates 10 of 10

    SoulCycle is a cycling class that is said to be a place where riders can come to clear their heads, while changing their body and finding their soul. Apparently, they find their hearts there, too. There are number of documented SoulCycle proposals, but at least one couple who met in class got engaged! If you're a cyclist with heart and soul, consider incorporating a bike into your big day. Pop off the West Side Highway Bike Path in a favorite spot in Manhattan to set the perfect stage for a wedding, or mountain bike from the top of your favorite scenic overlook after exchanging vows. 

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