9 Self-Destructive Habits to Ditch in 2014

As I sit here writing this, it’s January 1, 2014. I think that means I’m supposed to be writing about all the lofty goals I have this year. Or at least all the things I’ve done or accomplished.

But I don’t have a list. I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have big plans or worldly dreams. I like it that way. That means I can’t fail halfway through the year, or next week, or even this afternoon. I can only go up from here.

I can claim I’m not resolving to do anything spectacular this year so I don’t set myself up for failure, but honestly, I don’t have a list because I’ve forgotten how to dream big; how to look beyond the present moment; and how to just keep on trucking. I’ve spent the last four years determined that “this will be THE year!” The year I’ll run; the year I’ll have a perfectly organized home; the year I’ll finally conquer the ever-present challenge of work-life balance. And big surprise, I’ve yet to have that year. By not having that year, I can easily overlook and forget about all of the things I HAVE had. Forget about the year. What about THE day, or THE moment? Those are what matters. Those are the things you end up remembering. Even better, those are the things that lead to the next best moment, best day, best week.

I could easily rattle off a billion lists for you:

– 374 things you use your rib (lung?) muscles for (I cracked my ribs over Christmas and I’m not at all feeling sorry for myself.)

– 46,384 races I’d like to run

– 384,291,593,395.49 things I need to organize around my house

– 698 foods I can’t eat but desperately want to

– 92 grammatical mistakes in this post

– 498,934,907 times I’ve yelled at my husband because I’m frustrated with myself

– 3 hours my toddler will probably sleep tonight this week

– 638 extra hours I need in my day to get everything done

See, isn’t the lack of a list a much, much more appealing option?

But in the spirit of the New Year and jumping on bandwagons and all that hurrah, maybe I’ll make a list after all. A list of things to STOP doing in 2014 — destructive habits to ditch for the new year. Here goes.

  • Bring It, 2014 1 of 10

    Without these 9 habits weighing me down, I'm sure to have a fab year.

  • Sweating the small stuff. 2 of 10

    (And it's all small stuff, right?)

  • Saying I don’t have time, I have to work. 3 of 10

    Yes, I have work to do. But I DO have the time. I'm just not finding it or using it well. I need to reassess and rephrase. I HAVE to play with my not-so-baby-anymore baby. That's non-negotiable. When and how I get everything else done is.

  • Putting toxic foods in my body. 4 of 10

     And toxic people in my life.

  • Making more work for myself. 5 of 10

    What's the point of putting something aside to put away later when I could just do it now? That basket of laundry at the foot of the stairs is no more done than had I left it in the dryer. The pile of toys I made in the corner so I organize them by activity, then got thrown across the room four times before I ended up putting them back in the same bin the came from. I should've just left them there to start with. My new motto? Touch it once or not at all.

  • Putting others’ needs first. 6 of 10

    I've always heard you're supposed to take care of yourself first or else you can't take care of anyone else well. I'm thinking whoever said that might be on to something. Time for ME! *Pats self on back.*

  • Justifying things. 7 of 10

    Anything. Everything.

  • Expecting that my way is the right way 8 of 10

    Which it is. I guess I have some work to do here.

  • Worrying… 9 of 10

    ... about what other people think.

  • Do It Later 10 of 10

    I could (and should) totally put stop procrastinating on this list but that will never, ever happen. At least I know my limits.

    Perhaps a better alternative to this one would be to stop setting my sights so high. A birthday party only needs guests and perhaps a cake, not a Pinterest-worthy party theme with printables, posters, games, prizes, and elaborately decorated costumes. If I'm less worried about making things so big and grand, maybe, just by chance, I'll actually want to do them.

Photo credits: Heather Neal

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