Act Healthy, Be Healthy: 8 Ways To Participate In Women’s Health And Fitness Day!

I recently met a friend so we could go running together. We pushed our babies around the local park and dissected the complexities of life and the myth of “having it all.” We both do our best to balance our kids and our work, to support our husbands and our communities, to take time to enjoy friendships and to nurture ourselves. It’s hard to do.

But it is so much easier to find the energy to put into all those roles if we make the choice every day to be healthy. Whether that means an early morning run with a friend or making dinner at home instead of heading through the drive-thru, there are lots of little things we can do every day that can give us the strength to be all that we need to be.

Today September 25th is the 12th annual National Women’s Health and Fitness Day a day that encourages women to take control of their health so they can do just that. All over the country there are health and fitness events geared toward this year’s theme of “Think Healthy, Eat Healthy, Act Healthy . . . Be Healthy!”

So what can you to do honor the day in your own way? Below are some ideas to get you excited about taking charge of your health.

  • Women’s Health and Fitness Day 1 of 9

    What can you do TODAY to take control of your health?

  • Get Moving 2 of 9

    Maybe exercise isn't your favorite even though you know it's good for you. Maybe you even know you'll feel good afterward. But today, act like it is your thing, even if it's just pretend! Acting as though you were the healthy person you want to be is a big step in actually becoming that person. So get moving: go for a run, do some poses on the yoga mat, ride your bike, hit the gym. You'll be one step closer to better health. 

  • Make An Appointment 3 of 9

    How long has it been since you've seen the doctor? I can't remember my last appointment either. Maybe three years ago? Today is a great day to schedule that check-up you know you've been needing but haven't quite gotten around to. 

  • Do Some Home Cooking 4 of 9

    Homecooked meals are the best meals best for your health, anyway. It doesn't have to be difficult: chop some veggies, sauté them in a frying pan, and serve them over some quinoa. Or put that recipe your friend gave you weeks ago to the test. Chances are, what you make at home will be better for you than what the delivery boy would bring. 

  • Go To A Fitness Day Event 5 of 9

    With more than 1,000 fitness day related events across the country, there's likely one near you! While activities differ at each one, they may include walking events, exercise demonstrations, health screenings, and health information workshops something to get you thinking healthy, acting healthy, being healthy. 

  • Nibble Some Dark Chocolate 6 of 9
    stacked pieces of CHOKOLATE on brown abstract background

    But just a nibble. Research shows that there are really great health benefits to eating dark chocolate. Not the least of which is that it feels so indulgent. 

  • Meet Up With A Friend 7 of 9

    Any day is a good day for the mental break that comes with talking with a friend: take some time today to meet up with one of yours. If you can't get out, pick up the phone and call instead. It's the next best thing. 

  • Walk In The Park 8 of 9
    Mother and baby in the park

    Walking through a green space not only gets your body moving, it's been shown to ease the mental fatigue that can be so common in motherhood and give you a chance to rest, relax, and soothe yourself without resorting to stress eating. 

  • Go To Bed Early 9 of 9

    Getting a good night's sleep gives brain and body a chance to restore themselves so that it's easier to think clearly and have the willpower to follow through on the resolve to be the healthy person we want to be. 

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