Get Moving! Babble Bloggers Share their Workout Playlists

Every few months I get bored with my workout playlist and feel a need to change it up, in order to stay motivated. Songs that I have recently found myself skipping over get deleted and then new favorites can be added. Right now I am crazy about both Wake Me Up by Avicii and Hall of Fame by the Script (the one featuring

Then there are those few core songs that always stay in the mix. They might be our personal anthems or the tunes that we can rely on to either get moving or stay motivated while we are in the home stretch.

Curious about whether I can add more of those to my playlist, I asked Babble bloggers to share their all-time favorites. These are the songs that keep them pumped through a difficult workout. I hope you will find a few favorites to add to your playlist too!

Here you go:

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    The Babble Bloggers' Ultimate Workout Playlist
  • Beth Ann Ballance 2 of 24
    Jesus Walks by Kanye West

    Beth Ann Ballance said not to laugh, but her favorite workout song is Jesus Walks by Kanye West. (No laughing here.) The beat matches her running stride perfectly, so when she feels weary it helps her regulate a good stride and breathing pattern. We think that's a pretty terrific reason to choose the song!

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  • Leticia Barr 3 of 24
    Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas

    Leticia Barr pumps it to Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas. (See what I did there?) The song has an infectious beat that's great for running, cardio, or mimicking dance moves when she plays Just Dance 3 with her kids in the comfort of her living room.

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  • Sonya Lee Benham 4 of 24
    Night by Night by Chromeo

    Sonya Lee Benham works out to Night by Night by Chromeo. Truth be told, it is kind of a hard song to listen to and not find yourself moving to the beat.

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  • Nadia Carriere 5 of 24
    Live It Up by Jennifer Lopez

    It is hard to stop moving when you are listening to a song with the lyrics, "And we ain't stopping till we done. Live it up. So live it up." Perhaps that is why Nadia Carriere works it out to Live It Up by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull.

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  • Jessica Cohen 6 of 24
    Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

    This one comes from yours truly. I love finishing a workout to Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, because really, how can you stop when Freddie Mercury is telling you to keep going? It is virtually impossible. Go ahead and try it. I dare you.

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  • Cody Combs 7 of 24
    One Shot 2 Shot by Eminem

    Cody Combs says that nothing helps him finish a race better than One Shot 2 Shot by Eminem. Yet when he's in the middle of a long run and thinking about the distance left to go, nothing calms his mind and resets his mood better than Norah Jones.

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  • Carleen Coulter 8 of 24
    Don't Look Back by Boston

    Carleen Coulter is a distance runner who has found that Don't Look Back by Boston is "just about the best running song ever." Now she even aims to finish marathons with it playing.

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  • Jaime Morrison Curtis 9 of 24
    White Walls by Macklemore

    Jaime Morrison Curtis gets moving to White Walls by Macklemore. It is quite simply the one song that can always get an extra mile out of her.

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  • Terrance Gaines 10 of 24
    Ready Set Go by Talib Kweli

    Terrance Gaines said his tried and true workout song is Ready Set Go by Talib Kweli (featuring Melanie Fiona). It is a great tune for getting you through the middle of a long run when you need to focus on pace and control.

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  • Yanira Garza 11 of 24
    Gimme More by Britney Spears

    Yanira Garza credits Gimme More by Britney Spears with helping her lose all her baby weight from her first pregnancy. Now that she is on Baby #2, the song is on her prenatal workout playlist, and it is still the one that always gets her moving. Did we mention that Gimme More was also Britney Spears' comeback song?

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  • Alice Gomstyn 12 of 24
    The People That We Love by Bush

    Alice Gomstyn enjoys running to The People That We Love by Bush as great background music for doing push-ups because it makes her feel, "strong and badass-like." Now who would not want to feel strong and badass-like?

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  • Joslyn Gray 13 of 24
    The Rockafeller Skank

    For motivation, Joslyn Gray works out to Fatboy Slim. Her very favorite running song is The Rockafeller Skank, though she says that a close second is Weapon of Choice.

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  • Lauren Hartmann 14 of 24
    Illegal-Art All Day by Girl Talk

    Lauren Hartmann works out to All Day by Girl Talk. It is actually an entire album, but all the songs flow right into each other so technically is is one super-long song. She loves the DJ mashups of songs you would never think to put together, and since the songs never actually stop, neither does Lauren!

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  • Lizzie Heiselt 15 of 24
    Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

    Lizzie Heiselt said that she has lots of favorites, but it is the classic Eye of the Tiger by Survivor that gets her pumped every time because she has so many memories of running to that song during the years. It sounds like Lizzie is continuing to create even more memories for her future runs too.

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  • Mandi Johnson 16 of 24
    Deceptacon by Le Tigre (Explicit)

    Mandi Johnson said that without fail, Deceptacon by Le Tigre always gets her through the end of a difficult run. And all runners know that some days you just need a little extra motivation to get you through.

    (This song contains explicit language.)

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  • Jeannette Kaplun 17 of 24
    Stronger by Kanye West

    Jeannette Kaplun gets pumped up to Stronger by Kanye West because it reminds her of my end goal. That sounds like great motivation to us!

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  • Rebekah Kuschmider 18 of 24
    Ray of Light by Madonna

    Rebekah Kuschmider likes Ray of Light by Madonna. Considering what Madonna looks like it is easy to be motivated by her music!

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  • Jane Maynard 19 of 24
    Come Around by Timbaland

    Jane Maynard does her daily warmup to Come Around by Timbaland (featuring M.I.A.) for her warm-up song, not only because she loves it but because it always gets her ready to get moving.

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  • Heather Neal 20 of 24
    Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria

    Heather Neal chose Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria.  At 6 minutes and 15 seconds, it is a really long song and perfect for keeping your mind occupied during a workout. The hard rock beat combined with the orchestral music is just awesome.

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  • Dresden Shumaker 21 of 24
    Sydney (I'll Come Running) by Brett Dennan

    Dresden Shumaker is a big fan of Sydney (I'll Come Running) by Brett Dennen. She  and her friend Lindsay both have it on their playlist. In fact, Lindsay uses it as she trains for the ING marathon in NYC in honor of their friend Janel who is battling melanoma. How beautiful is that?

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  • Sheri Silver 22 of 24
    Jumping Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones

    Sheri Silver needs a song that doesn't get old with repeated play, one that does not have a lull, and that has just the right speed for my pace. She adores Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones, because it fits her criteria. Well, that and the fact that if she were not running in public she would be singing it out loud at the top of her lungs. We certainly cannot argue with that!

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  • Molly Thornberg 23 of 24
    Just Like a Pill by Pink

    Molly Thornberg gets moving to Just Like a Pill by Pink. It is an empowering song. Then again, what we love about Pink is that pretty much all of her music is about empowerment. By the way, do you believe that song was released in 2001?

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  • Erin Whitehead 24 of 24
    Hey Ya! by Outkast

    Erin Whitehead  is a big fan of Hey Ya! by Outkast. She says that it is, "one of those rare songs I never get sick of hearing. It never fails to get me pumped up and there is just something about 'shaking it like a Polaroid picture' that makes me smile every time!" Now who could possibly argue with that?

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Want to add your song? Then tell us. What is your favorite go-to tune, the one song that really gets you moving?


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