Beat the Heat: 6 High-Intensity Treadmill Boredom Busters

It seems like we wait all winter long to enjoy an outdoor run. A week of glorious running passes and suddenly it’s already too hot to handle running outside, even at 5 am. Escape the sweltering summer temps with an indoor treadmill run instead. Try one of these fun workouts to keep boredom at bay, and up the intensity while you’re at it.


Beat the Heat: 6 High-Intensity Treadmill Boredom Busters 1 of 7
Stave off the boredom of indoor running with one of these treadmill workouts.
30-Minute Treadmill Workout 2 of 7
Bust out of your steady run rut with this interval workout from PBFingers.
3-2-1 Run! 3 of 7
Bet you can run faster than you think on the treadmill — kick it up a notch with this workout that will get you up to speed 8.0 from Your Trainer Paige.
Fat Burner 4 of 7
Kick boredom to the curb by varying the speed of the treadmill every few minutes. It'll make the time fly by. Try this one from Katy Grace.
Ladder Sprints 5 of 7
Kick it up to a serious high gear by doing ladder-style sprints. Give this treadmill boredom buster from Your Trainer Paige a try before saying the treadmill is too easy!
30-Minute Workout 6 of 7
Think you don't have time for a kick-butt run at the gym? Give this 30-minute run a try instead, from Simply Taralynn.
Negative Splits 7 of 7
Running a "negative split" in a race is a great strategy, so why not train that way? Up the intensity at the end of your workout with this routine from Your Trainer Paige that will get you up to speed 8.0.

Click the links to visit the original source of each workout and to find more workouts to try this summer!


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