8 Fun Winter Activities That Double as Workouts

Yesterday I shoveled my driveway after the 10 inches of snow that fell in our area. To be honest, it was the first time I had shoveled in years. That morning I was a little bummed out that my fitness class was canceled due to the snow, but after 90 minutes of picking up snow I was not missing class at all. What a workout!

Then I began to wonder. How many calories could we burn shoveling our driveways, and what other winter activities can be done outside that might take the place of an indoor workout?

So get your hat and parka on as I present to you, 8 winter activities that will get your calorie burn on:

  • 8 Winter Activities That Really Burn Calories 1 of 9
    Let it Snow
  • Shoveling 2 of 9

    Shoveling uses all your muscle groups, so you never have to feel sorry if you are sore the next morning. Calorie burn varies by the amount of snow and density so it is difficult to calculate accurately, though estimates are at about 385 calories per hour.



  • Sledding 3 of 9

    Sledding can burn up to 380 calories per hour, but most of that effort is likely being used to walk up to the top of the hill with your sled over and over again.



  • Snowboarding 4 of 9

    Like skateboarding on snow, snowboarding is all about balance, speed and quick-thinking. Not only that, but it burns up to 400 calories per hour!



  • Playing Ice Hockey 5 of 9
    Ice Hockey

    Go grab your stick, and get that pick-up game together, because ice hockey burns up to 510 calories per hour.



  • Ice Skating 6 of 9
    Ice Skating

    Leisurely ice skating burns between 280-380 calories an hour. Of course, that means independent skating rather than holding onto the wall or your significant other for dear life. If you are a seasoned ice skater you can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Go you!



  • Downhill Skiing 7 of 9
    Downhill Skiing

    A typical hour spent downhill skiing can burn 250-320 calories. Avid skiers and racers can burn up to 450 calories. Not a bad way to spend an hour!



  • Cross-Country Skiing 8 of 9
    Cross Country Skiing

    Cross-country skiing can burn up to 500 calories, depending on your speed and intensity. Even first-timers can burn up to 380 calories, so get out there and move it, move it.



  • Building a Snowman 9 of 9
    Build a Snowman

    Estimates around the web say that building a snowman can burn between 320 and 385 calories per hour. We assume that depends on the size of the snowman and the density of the snow, and that building a snow fort probably burns a similar amount of calories. So if you are not one for snow sports but want to take advantage of the wintery weather, get out there and play instead!

*The number of calories burned is based on a person who weighs approximately 140 pounds, so you can estimate your personal number of calories burned accordingly.
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