10 Fitness Challenges to Jump-Start Your New Year

Setting out to accomplish something is difficult and scary enough on your own without having to worry about finding the willpower to stick with it. But what if you had support? A team? A gigantic group of personal cheerleaders, cheering you toward the finish line or picking you up when you fall down?

With the wealth and abundance that is the Internet, you can have that support. That motivation, that encouragement, that push. That reminder to make it happen, to do it, to achieve.

From getting fit, to staying organized longer than a day after cleaning up, there are groups and challenges to get you through it. Most people don’t stick to their resolutions. Whether they’re too lofty, not specific enough, half-hearted, or just impossible to do on your own, it’s so very common to fail. Joining a community of like-minded, goal-desiring individuals will help guide you through a better year. Whether it’s a better you, a better diet, a-better kept home, or a better way of tackling a to-do list, there’s a place for you. Here are some challenges I’m looking forward to in the new year. Actually, some of them I’m not looking forward to because they’re the ones I’d be least likely to do on my own, otherwise I wouldn’t need the added oopmh of a challenge at stake.

  • You’re Not Alone 1 of 11
    10 New Year's Challengesto become your

    Get ready, get set, be the best YOU!

  • Love Your Body 2 of 11

    The Love Your Body Series from the Tone It Up Girls Katrina and Karena focuses on becoming fit, fierce, and confident. It's about loving and appreciating your body, not what size or shape it is. Just looking at these two ladies is fierce inspiration in itself, but they even have their own TV show launching on Bravo! tonight called Toned Up.

  • Best Body Bootcamp 3 of 11

    I absolutely love, love, love Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. It's about putting YOUR best foot forward and not comparing yourself to someone else's standards. This isn't just an online workout plan. Tina's right there with you every step of the way, helping you, guiding you, motivating you, encouraging you. Each workout is completely customizable based on your own ability and needs. I've done four rounds of Tina's bootcamp when she first launched the program and each one kicked my butt; it's not just the same plan regurgitated over and over. (If I remember correctly, I was pregnant for two or three of them too!) The Winter 2014 Bootcamp starts January 20th. The 8-week session is only $40. Register here.

    That's $5 a week, or less than $1 a day. 

    See Tina's favorite fitness tip for moms.

  • Home & Mind 4 of 11
    home organization

    Ahh, this one speaks to me for sure. Being the best you isn't just about being fit and healthy, looking good or eating well. It's about being happy and stress-free. One of the biggest things that weighs me down is disorganization and a cluttered house. (I say cluttered, but my house is a complete disaster zone.) Getting your home physically clean and organized is a great way to free your mind of unnecessary clutter. Having a clutter-free house can even lead to better eating habits. 

    Brittany's 31-day organization challenge leads you through exactly what you need to do to get your house (and mind) organized and under control. She takes the hard work out of it by spelling out your tasks day by day. Of course you can change any task that doesn't apply to you, but I like having clear guidelines and goals. 

  • Just 1 Thing 5 of 11

    Katrina's challenge reminds us that we just need to do ONE tiny thing to make big changes in our lives. "One habit. One priority. It takes 21 days to build a habit, but just ONE step to start those good habits!" I love the emphasis on the small things — overwhelming, lofty goals and changes set us up for failure. The Just1Thing challenge is free and includes the chance to win prizes. Chime in with the hashtag #Just1Thing.

  • 40 Plus 6 of 11

    Oh, the mid-life hormonal change — as if teenage-hood  and pregnancy weren't enough, 40ish brings another massive change in how your body works, potentially sending you off course or derailing you completely. Tamara won't let that happen. Her 10-week online training course is specifically targeted to women over 40 who are going through just that. (You're welcome to join under age 40 too, though.) The two-and-a-half month session is $70, a steal compared to other training options available. 

    See Tamara's favorite mom-focused exercise tip.

  • 30/31 7 of 11

    Let's not get caught up in the details; make it as easy as possible for yourself. Simply move for 30 minutes every day for 31 days. That's once a day for all of January. Fit Betty is hosting the 30/31 challenge, which encourages you to do any kind of physical activity you love, once a day, every day. There are even prizes to keep you motivated (and I definitely see a few I'd love to snag!). Find others doing the challenge with the hashtag #30in31.

  • Thankful a Day 8 of 11

    Like Brittany's challenge shows us, it's not all about exercise and eating (though of course those things matter, too). The mental and emotional side of being the best version of you is just as important, and just as hard. Kaila's Thankful a Day Challenge encourages us to acknowledge something we are thankful for each and every day for 365. Being aware and noticing these things, whether big or small, can do big things to help improve your mood and attitude. 

  • 30 Days of Burpees 9 of 11

    Please don't hate me for this one. Do you know burpees? How much they can kick your butt? How strong they can make you? If you don't, trust me. There are shirts for sale saying "I hate burpees" for a reason. But you should learn to love them. They're a full-body, powerhouse move. Get on the burpee bandwagon with this 30-Day Burpee Challenge. It's simple — start where you are and do one more burpee each day for 30 days. So whether you can only do one burpee or you're already up to 20, this challenge is for you. (Just make sure you're using proper form. There's a video on the  challenge page.)

  • 31 Days of Fitness 10 of 11

    Don't need a challenge that targets one thing specifically? FitSugar has a 31-day workout guide for you to make sure you stay on track as the new year gets rolling. From cardio to strength, they've got you covered with this 31 days of fitness calendar.

  • Whole30 11 of 11

    We're getting serious now. This one is a serious diet overhaul (or can be, depending on where you're coming from). The focus is on choosing whole, unprocessed foods for 30 days. The Whole30 program is a great introduction into the Paleo-style of eating and a great way to jump into a healthy lifestyle.

Click through to check out these 10 New Year’s Challenges you can join today!

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