10 Crossfit-Inspired Workouts To Kick Your Butt

Even if you’re not remotely interested in fitness, I’d find it hard to believe if you hadn’t heard of Crossfit. Though not new by any means, this branded form of intense functional fitness workouts has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or two. If you’re into fitness, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed boxes (the term for a gym in Crossfit lingo) opening near you, or your regular gym starting to offer Crossfit-inspired group fitness classes so they don’t lose you to that new local box. If you’re not into fitness, you’ve probably unwillingly been subject to a friend or acquaintances’ social media updates on how much they lifted,or how fast they did a workout, or at least seen a bunch of crazy abbreviations that don’t make any sense until you’ve been a crash course in Crossfit talk.

Regardless of any of the above, Crossfit is an “in” thing, so get used to hearing about it, wanting to try it, or already doing it. Whether you’re into the craze or not, there’s no denying that this style of fitness offers some serious butt-kicking workouts that will make you wonder what the hell you were thinking while you’re in the middle of it, and then when it’s over, wanting to do nothing more than do it again the next day.

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    Here are a few Crossfit-style workouts from some of my favorite fitness bloggers to either give you an introduction to this type of fitness, or to give you an idea of a workout you can do on your own if you can't afford a hefty unlimited membership to your local box. (Just make sure you get educated on proper from and technique before giving these workouts a go on your own.)

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    This at-home WOD (workout of the day) from Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean is a great way to measure your progress as you continue to work on your fitness level. Keep note of how long it takes you to complete the workout and jot it in your calendar. Next time you do it, see how you compare!

    Helpful hints: HRPU means "hand release push ups" and RFT means "rounds for time," so for this workout you'd complete it three times and see how long it takes you.

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    As if handstand push-ups and burprees weren't challenging enough, Casey makes this workout even harder by throwing in a 40-yard farmer carry between each exercise. This is a great one for fitting cardio and strength into the same workout for extra efficiency.


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    Thirty is the magic number in this workout from Danielle at It's a Harleyyy Life. Do thirty of each exercise listed below, and knock your workout out of the park. 


    Helpful Hints: KB stands for kettlebell, and DU stands for double unders (a jump rope passes under your feet twice with each jump).


  • Run Burpee Run 5 of 11

    Not only does this workout from Tina of Carrots n' Cake involve push-ups, air squats, and burpees, but you'll have run two and a half miles by the time you're done!


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    Start this workout from Eat Watch Run by getting your heart pumping with a 100 meter sprint. Then it's time for the strength part: burpees, squats, rows, and sit-ups. Your heart will still be pumping long after you've finished this one!


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    I love this quickie Crossfit-style workout from Katrina of Katrina Runs because you can do it absolutely anywhere — no equipment, no excuses required. Repeat the workout as many times as you can in 20 minutes.


  • Eight Minutes 8 of 11

    This is one of my favorite workouts for people (myself included) that say they have no time for a workout. This one takes EIGHT minutes. Tack on a little extra time to warm up and cool down, and you still have no room for excuses. Ready, set, go!


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    This full-body workout is a great combo of cardio and strength. After completing the four rounds, you'll have run a mile and worked everything from your quads to your glutes to your biceps.


  • A La Carte 10 of 11

    My favorite thing about this "a la carte" workout is that it was designed from Tamara as a birthday gift — how cute! But cute this workout is not; it's a tough one. Feel free to sub your own age for the 46 instead.


  • Murph 11 of 11

    This traditional Crossfit-type workout is notoriously tough. Capped with a one-mile run on both ends, there are literally hundreds of pull-ups, push-ups, and squats in this workout. Note the suggested modifications and use them as needed.

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