Dad Sets Two World Records for Running a Marathon While Pushing His Kids in Their Stroller

Going for a run with your jogging stroller and baby in tow has become quite the common exercise. It means you both get some fresh air and a little quality time together. Not only does Texas dad Calum Neff jog with this little ones, he also sets world marathon records with them.

Running is one of Neff’s biggest passions in life. So it only seemed fitting to include his daughters. Just last February, Cal ran in the Katy Half Marathon and set a new world record for “Fastest Half-Marathon Pushing a Pram” with his 11-month-old daughter Holland.

Not wanting Holland’s big sis to feel left out, Cal ran eight months later with his 4-year-old daughter Allesandra in a stroller. It was there, at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, that he set another world record — for running a full marathon with a stroller.

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Running has created a powerful bond between Cal and his daughters that he wouldn’t change for the world. They are both a part of all of his training, which begin with 5Ks and 10Ks. He tells Babble, “Incorporating them into my exercise gives us time together that would otherwise be spent away from them.”

While he definitely had to get used to training with a stroller (and a kid IN the stroller!), Cal credits it for helping him have the necessary food and hydration near him at all times. He’s happy to report that both girls did great during the races, and that practicing helped prep them for the long sit in the stroller.

Cal does admit that both races were very competitive against the “non-stroller runners.” Some weren’t very welcoming while others were just shocked as he flew by with his kiddos. “No one likes getting beat by a stroller!” he says.

Overall, the larger community has been incredibly supportive. Cal feels proud that his example has motivated other parents to stay active and embrace creative styles of parenting. Cal’s accomplishments prove that with enough determination and commitment, you can really do it all as a parent.

“You don’t have to be setting world records with your kids, but the fact that we were able to accomplish those records show that not only is it possible to be a dad, work a full-time job, and have a serious passion, but it’s possible to do all of those at a very high level,” Cal shares with Babble.

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He encourages moms and dads to bring their kiddos along for the ride. He takes his girls almost everywhere with him, and by doing this, he feels he can positively expose them to the world. As most would guess, Cal’s favorite place to be with his girls is outside in nature. “It strips away the reliance on technology and is a great excuse to hold hands. Just be sure to expect a lot of ‘why?’ questions,” says Cal.

His running milestones are far from over. Last month, Cal and his wife welcomed their third daughter Maya into the family. He plans to begin training for smaller races with Maya over the next year, with the hopes of doing 5K and 10K races by the time Maya is a year old. “I think the next records will be done alongside Maya’s cousin in a double stroller. My sister had her first baby Lyla on March 24!”

What an awesome example to parents everywhere that our greatest strengths lie in embracing our unique abilities and passions. We’re so excited to see what record Cal and his daughter set next!

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